Countrify a Contemporary Kitchen with Accessories

Characteristically casual and cozy, country decorating is all about comfort—and no other room in your home has the potential to bring cozy country warmth to life more than the kitchen. For those of us who live in a contemporary setting, achieving a country look and feel may seem impossible. Rest assured, with just a few small touches, any kitchen can be transformed into a room that’s warm, inviting, and countrified.

What are the elements of a country decorated kitchen?
Kitchen Blackboard

The red framed blackboard with clock is a great country accessory for your kitchen.

Country decorating is generally defined by a few basics, such as an eclectic mix of fabrics, vintage accessories, and handcrafted furniture. However, small variations within the set style can take your own country decorating a different direction, personalizing it to your own particular style.

Do you prefer streamlined looks or cozy spaces filled with treasured possessions? Do you have an endless collection of knickknacks or do you prefer matching accessories that create a more cohesive look? Continue Reading Countrify a Contemporary Kitchen with Accessories

New Mona B Line Launches at Piper Classics

Mona B Star ToteYou can now preorder your Mona B purses and totes at Piper Classics! This up-and-coming brand encourages customers to “energize your style,” as seen through their fun bag designs. Our first shipment arrives in mid-April, and we are not expected to get another shipment until July. So, now is definitely the time to order your bags! Get to know the company behind the bags and learn more about the purses and totes we know you’ll love.

Meet the Brand

Mona B is earth friendly. Their philosophy? Waste not. The brand explains, “If we do not waste anything we will always have enough.” The company believes there is no reason to create things from new materials when the world already has enough fabrics. Mona B focuses its efforts on reducing waste and reusing perfectly good items that seem to get left behind. Their products have an edgy, one-of-a-kind style. Continue Reading New Mona B Line Launches at Piper Classics

2014 Winter Décor Trend: Winter White

Country Style Rugs at Pipers ClassicsThe vibrant reds and greens of the Christmas holiday are behind us. With several months of winter remaining, many people are looking for winter decorating ideas that reflect the chill outdoors, yet bring cozy warmth indoors.

No matter how you feel about snow, you may find that decorating your home in snow-white winter tones is the perfect solution to the mid-winter décor blues. By layering-in soft neutrals to walls and furniture (such as creams, light greys, and soft taupe), decorating your home in white can give it a comfortable, cozy backdrop for personalized elements that add color and pizazz to the space.

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Country Winter Decorating

Greeting cards have all been sent
The Christmas rush is through
But I still have one more wish to make
A special one for you

Willow Twig Electric GarlandThese lyrics to “Merry Christmas Darling” may well express the “post-holiday blues” that many people feel this time of year. Although the excitement of the Christmas season is now behind us, there remains plenty of the splendor of midwinter in front of us − guiding and inspiring us to bring this beauty indoors.

Piper Classics can help you transform your distinctly holiday-looking decorations into décor that reflects the majesty and mystery of the long, cold days of winter. Our wish for you is to find cozy and warm winter décor inspiration among these decorating tips using holiday decorations that can serve double duty:

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Primitive Country Holiday Table Settings

Country Home Decor: ChristmasAt holidays, special events and formal gatherings, no table is complete without a festive centerpiece. Centerpieces are focal points placed in the middle of guest tables at social gatherings. Although they traditionally consist of flowers, greenery or candles, many people prefer using something more representative of the color, fabric, of other aspects of the overall theme.

Regardless of what they’re made of, centerpieces add a great deal to the overall look and feel of an event. Short on time? It’s still possible to pull together a wow-worthy table arrangement that suits your holiday decor style.

With Piper Classics, you can set a beautiful holiday table with our primitive and whimsical country Christmas holiday tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and more!

When family and friends gather in your home for the holiday season, you will definitely want to decorate your rustic holiday table with primitive pieces from Piper Classics, such as: Continue Reading Primitive Country Holiday Table Settings

The History of the Christmas Tree Toppers

Primitive Decorations - Tree TopperPlacing a decorative tree topper at the crown of a Christmas tree is a beloved holiday tradition. Although angels continue to be the most popular tree-top trimming; stars, Santas, snowflakes, bows, elves, and any number of patriotic-themed, sports-oriented and other pop culture symbols have also gained popularity through the passed few decades.

Whether simple or ornate; made of shiny metal, glass, plastic, fabric, tin, or porcelain; passed down generation after generation or changed every year, Christmas tree toppers are a cherished finishing touch to most Christmas trees.

The History of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree actually predates Christianity by centuries.  Ancient Romans decorated trees with small pieces of metal during Saturnalia, their winter festival in honor of Saturnus, the god of agriculture.  Modern Christmas trees appeared in the middle 1500′s. The trees were sold at local markets and set up in homes without ornaments. The oldest record of a decorated Christmas tree came from a 1605 diary found in Strasburg. This early version of the Christmas tree was decorated with paper roses, apples and candies. Continue Reading The History of the Christmas Tree Toppers

Holiday Decorating with Country Christmas Ornaments

Decorating the home and Christmas tree with ornaments is one of the most cherished traditions of the holiday season. So ingrained in American culture, it’s almost impossible to believe that decorating with Christmas ornaments is a relatively new American custom.

Country Christmas Tree Garland

The emergence of the modern Christmas tree actually dates back to 15th and 16th century Germany, where evergreens were used first in church Christmas plays and were hung with apples to symbolize the Paradise tree. Over the next two hundred years, German families brought these trees into their homes, where the trees were adorned with small white wafers and other little pastries cut into stars, angels, hearts, flowers and bells.

Due to the influence of the Puritans’, Christmas wasn’t widely celebrated in the United States until the 1800s. Early American Christmas trees were first adorned with long strands of cranberries or popcorn. Small gifts began to be used to decorate the tree, sometimes contained in intricately woven tiny baskets that were either nestled in the boughs or hung by a thread or piece of yarn.

Ornately decorated trees did not become popular in the United States until Americans saw Continue Reading Holiday Decorating with Country Christmas Ornaments

The Thanksgiving Table: the Centerpiece of the Celebration

More than any other holiday, an essential part of the Thanksgiving revelry focuses on the table itself − celebrate with family and friends by enjoying time-honored recipes served on a bountiful table.Autumn Country Decor

So much has been written in magazines through the decades, and now online, about setting the “perfect” holiday table that a host can feel more intimidated by the decorations than by preparing the meal itself. This need not be the case! Arranged using just the right assortment of elements, any table can be made festive and worthy of family memories that will last a lifetime.

Make this Thanksgiving special by adorning your table with warm and inviting decorations that will start conversation and encourage people to share precious memories. These touches from Piper Classics will give your table the picture-perfect (Instagram!?) style you are looking to achieve: Continue Reading The Thanksgiving Table: the Centerpiece of the Celebration

“Not-So-Spooky” Country Decorating for Halloween

Country HalloweenHalloween is undoubtedly fun and festive, but sometimes the creepy, grim, and at times ghastly decorations associated with the holiday can be a little much. Scary, grotesque, or eerie-themed Halloween décor isn’t the only way to adorn your home this fall however.

Welcome family, party guests and trick-or-treaters, with style and elegance − inspired by the fall-themed decorations for Halloween available at Piper Classics.

Piper Classics has quick and easy Halloween and autumn home décor accents for both indoor and outdoor country decorating style, including boo-tiful hanging signs, table runners, seasonal flags centerpieces, mailbox wraps, and so much more! Continue Reading “Not-So-Spooky” Country Decorating for Halloween

Elegant Country Bath Décor Made Easy

Cozy and casual − country décor begins and ends with furnishings and accents that enhance simplicity and comfort for your home.  Vintage fixtures, natural materials, and rustic textiles define country style throughout the home. The bathroom is no exception.

Piper Classics has made bringing the homespun charm of country to your home’s smallest room effortless by coordinating all the pieces that make up a charming and inviting country bath. By harmonizing the accents across a variety of country and old-world collections, anyone can be an expert interior designer!

country shower curtains

Starting with country shower curtains is helpful in finding an overall design direction.

By assembling entire country-inspired bath collections, Piper Classics has simplified decorating the bath, often the most challenging room to customize.   Professional and amateur interior decorators alike will find a style that resonates with them, making decorating the bat a snap. Bath collections include: Continue Reading Elegant Country Bath Décor Made Easy