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Cotton Braids

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Of the many traditions in the art of rug making, the braided rug is the one true American form.  Its history is rooted in the pioneering spirit of America's early settlers.  The ancient Romans were the first to braid strands together to create stronger, more durable ropes of fabric.  Then about 300 years ago, early American pioneers began braiding together scraps of cloth and stitching them together to create large braided rugs that could be produced at home.  An American tradition was born.


Cleaning: Retain the beauty of this fine product by regular vacuuming using the hard surface attachment. Please do not use a beater brush.  Spills should be cleaned as soon as possble.  Remove spots with any non-bleach detergent. Periodic deep cleaning by professional dry cleaning is recommended.

Maintenance: Trim, never pull, loose threads. If threads which hold the braids loosen or break simply sew together with a needle and strong thread. Occasionally, "sprouts" of loose fabric may appear in your rug.  These are a natural by-product of the traditional method used to make these braided rugs.  Use a sharp pair of scissors and simply trim the sprout even with the rug.

Floor Padding: An anti-slip floor padding is strongly recommended to provide comfort, safety and durability.

Custom SIzes:  Please call our customer service department for pricing of custom size rugs.  Available up to 20' wide and 30' long, sized in 6" increments.  Lead time is 12-16 weeks, although the goal is to get it to you in 10 weeks.  Rugs may be ordered as Square, Round, Oval or Rectangle. 

*Please note:
Due to differences in computer monitors and manufacturers dye processes, there may be slight variations in color between the actual product and the image on your screen. Also be aware that small rug sizes and other rug shapes will contain the same design elements as the rug pictured, but the design may be altered to better fit the size and shape of the rug.