Make History With A Country Quilt From Piper Classics

“Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love.”

Country quilt, matte_10368“We Americans have adopted quilts as a symbol of what we value about
 ourselves and our national history.” 
− From “Speaking of Quilts: Voices from the Late Twentieth Century” 
by Laurel Horton

Few decorative items evoke such sentiment and emotion as a quilt. More than likely, a quilt decorated your mother’s, or grandmother’s bed. Often these quilts came complete with a story, tracing its heritage to a bygone era.

Throughout history, women have used the art of quilting for many diverse purposes: to keep warm, to decorate their homes, to express their political views, to remember a loved one. A quilt is basically a “textile sandwich” consisting of two pieces of fabric with cloth filling between them. The top layer is decorative. The bottom (known as backing) is usually, but not always, plain. The filling, (known as batting) provides the warmth and loft of the quilt.

The earliest known surviving bed quilt is one from Sicily from the end of the fourteenth century. Quilt-making flourished in America between 1825 and 1875, as the settlers who began moving west in the nineteenth century brought quilting with them. Not only were quilts used on beds, they were also useful as covers for doors and windows and as floor mats for the children to play on. In many cases they were also used as currency to pay bills.

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“Good friends are like quilts – they age with you but never lose their warmth”