September, 2013

Country Home Decor for Fall

6 Ways to Celebrate the Harvest This Fall

The days have suddenly gotten shorter, and the nights cooler. In the blink of an eye, the deep green leaves of summer are turning subtle shades of yellow and orange. Soon the trees will fully be ablaze with deep reds and the golden shades of autumn. Fall is here!

The signs are clear; there’s a bit of nip in the air, jacketed children wait on street corners for the early morning bus ride, the summer perennials are fading fast while the vibrant shades of Mums and Asters take over in the fall garden. Roadside stands offer pumpkins and gourds for sale. And perhaps most telling coffee shops have added pumpkin and spice flavors to their chalkboard menus.

The autumn season marks the transition in nature from summer into winter by the gathering of friends and family for the purpose of harvesting crops. In years past, the harvest season was one of great importance. It was often quite literally, the season that made survival during the winter months a possibility. Families, and whole communities, would gather together to work, bring in the crops, and celebrate nature’s provision for the cold months to come. Continue Reading

Country Home Decor - Pumpkin Wreath

Inviting Fall Décor

As the temperatures descend and days become shorter, it’s time again to bring cozy warmth into your home. Infuse your indoor space with the colors, textures and natural autumn beauty of the great outdoors with country decorating ideas and primitive décor found at Piper Classics.

Maple Leaves: These bendable paper and wire leaves from Piper Classics make fall decorating easy and affordable! Tuck a few into a bowl of gourds for the finishing touch, or scatter around your fall pumpkins. Crinkle and shape them to look just like the ones that fell from your tree! Use contrasting colors to make your fall display pop – comes in dark crimson and colored Maple.

Tiny Pumpkins: Create a festive centerpiece by scattering these cute pumpkins on a platter and mixing with fall leaves, or fill a bowl with mini pumpkins and acorns for instant fall charm. The Tiny Orange Pumpkin measures 3″ in diameter and is 2.5″ tall, and come with an authentic looking wired stem. Comes in colors of orange or tawny. Continue Reading