6 Ways to Celebrate the Harvest This Fall

Autumn Golden TreesThe days have suddenly gotten shorter, and the nights cooler. In the blink of an eye, the deep green leaves of summer are turning subtle shades of yellow and orange. Soon the trees will fully be ablaze with deep reds and the golden shades of autumn. Fall is here!

The signs are clear; there’s a bit of nip in the air, jacketed children wait on street corners for the early morning bus ride, the summer perennials are fading fast while the vibrant shades of Mums and Asters take over in the fall garden. Roadside stands offer pumpkins and gourds for sale. And perhaps most telling coffee shops have added pumpkin and spice flavors to their chalkboard menus.

The autumn season marks the transition in nature from summer into winter by the gathering of friends and family for the purpose of harvesting crops. In years past, the harvest season was one of great importance. It was often quite literally, the season that made survival during the winter months a possibility. Families, and whole communities, would gather together to work, bring in the crops, and celebrate nature’s provision for the cold months to come.

Most Americans no longer need to harvest the fields in order to survive the winter. So the vital significance of the autumn and harvest season is often forgotten in this era of frozen foods, pre-packaged meals and imported produce. However, the memory of days when this season was of utmost importance is not completely lost. Look around and you’ll soon see beautiful displays of pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks, scarecrows, gourds and fall leaves decorating every front porch. Families still gather for impromptu soup supers, school kids take hayrides, and almost every community has some kind of Harvest Festival. We celebrate the changing season, but at the root of the celebration is thankfulness for nature’s bounty.

It’s easy to celebrate the bounty of nature in your own home with these fun fall country decorating projects and decor ideas:

1. Nature’s Vase: Create a pumpkin basket by cutting out two top quarter panels of the pumpkin, leaving the stem and a 2” to 3” strip as a handle. Hollow out the inside. Cut a zigzag pattern along the bottom edges to create a “bowl” in which to place your choice of votive holder or vase for fall blooms, real leaves, or mums. This makes an inspired dining table centerpiece or coffee table decoration.

Country Home Decor - Bell Cloche2. Pumpkin Terrarium: Showcase miniature pumpkins or gourds elegantly in a bell cloche. Place the pumpkins inside the “display case”, top it with a decorative plate and simply turn it upside down! The pumpkins create the homey, fall look, but a sleek glass dome adds a touch of class and formality. Add colorful details around the bottom, such as leaves, flowers, or other fall favorites.

3. Harvest Bouquet: Gather a bouquet of faux fall flowers from our website, or make a fall bouquet using branches of autumn leaves, goldenrod, dried wheat and rust colored mums. Use a vase made of clay, stone or other natural composition to complement the natural appeal.

4. Elegant Autumn Centerpiece: Create this elegant re-design on the classic Jack-O’-Lantern. Faces and intricate carvings aren’t necessary for this deceptively easy decoration. Simply cut a hole in the top of pumpkins and gourds of varying shapes, colors and sizes. Scoop out a bit of the insides and arrange the pumpkins on a Treenware Tray or other decorative platter. Surround with whole gourds, pumpkins, leaves, husks, etc. Place a tea light or votive holder inside the cavities of the hollow gourds and pumpkins to create a cozy lighting effect.

5. Fall Candle Display: Fill the bottom of a Glass Candle Cylinder with fall leaves, mini pumpkins or pinecones and gourds. Add a decorative candle pan, like our Fall Foliage Candle Pans and top it off with a rusty red or cinnamon brown pillar candle.

Country Home Decor for Fall6. Cornucopia of Plenty: Set a fall table that truly celebrates the bounty of the season! Place a piece of burlap or other decorative fall runner down the center of your table. Add a cornucopia filled with pumpkins, gourds and berries, like our Tawny Pumpkin Cornucopia. Then surround the cornucopia with fall leaves and more gourds or pumpkins for a breathtaking display that will remind you to give thanks every day for the blessings of the season!

These beautiful expressions of nature’s fall bounty will span the entire autumn season –right into Thanksgiving festivities!