Holiday Decorating with Country Christmas Ornaments

Decorating the home and Christmas tree with ornaments is one of the most cherished traditions of the holiday season. So ingrained in American culture, it’s almost impossible to believe that decorating with Christmas ornaments is a relatively new American custom.

Country Christmas Tree Garland

The emergence of the modern Christmas tree actually dates back to 15th and 16th century Germany, where evergreens were used first in church Christmas plays and were hung with apples to symbolize the Paradise tree. Over the next two hundred years, German families brought these trees into their homes, where the trees were adorned with small white wafers and other little pastries cut into stars, angels, hearts, flowers and bells.

Due to the influence of the Puritans’, Christmas wasn’t widely celebrated in the United States until the 1800s. Early American Christmas trees were first adorned with long strands of cranberries or popcorn. Small gifts began to be used to decorate the tree, sometimes contained in intricately woven tiny baskets that were either nestled in the boughs or hung by a thread or piece of yarn.

Ornately decorated trees did not become popular in the United States until Americans saw the hand-cast lead and hand-blown glass decorations brought by families emigrating to the U.S. from Germany and England in the 1840s. By the 1880s, ornaments became phenomena when F.W. Woolworth stocked his five-and-dime stores with German-made ornaments. By 1890, Woolworth’s was selling $25 million worth of Christmas ornaments − at nickel and dime prices.

At Piper Classics, the country Christmas tree is a beloved part of our traditional holiday celebration.  Decorate your Christmas tree reminiscent of the earliest American Christmas trees with our Popcorn and Cranberry Garland, Cranberry Bead Garland, or vintage Aged Bead Garland.  Add a Red Star Tree Topper and some vintage or primitive ornaments for the perfectly trimmed country Christmas tree.

Other country Christmas tree ornaments include:

  • Mini Mason Jar Christmas Tree Ornamentfits over any standard Christmas light set.
  • Mouse Ornament – This adorable beady-eyed mouse has a soft sculpted body and is holding a sparkly tin star with a cord for hanging in tree or wreath.
  • Primitive Star Ornament – 3½” wide and 4” tall and includes jute for hanging.
  • Silicone Star Light Strand – Enhances your Americana decor, bringing the soft subtle glow of a star-studded night. Star lights are also a great addition to holiday decor and can be used for year-round decor.
  • Peace and Hope Ornaments –Words of encouragement for any time of year! Hang these ornaments from your tree, add to gift packaging, or use in a display of holiday greens.
  • Tin Star Tree Topper – Punched design gives a traditional look to this antique satin finish tin star.

These trimmings represent just a small sample of the wide selection of festive ornaments available through Piper Classics. From glittering snowflakes to a rustic bell cluster we offer a large assortment of Christmas holiday ornaments to decorate your country Christmas tree.