March, 2014

Kitchen Blackboard

Countrify a Contemporary Kitchen with Accessories

March 27th, 2014 Country Home Decor

Characteristically casual and cozy, country decorating is all about comfort—and no other room in your home has the potential to bring cozy country warmth to life more than the kitchen. For those of us who live in a contemporary setting, achieving a country look and feel may seem impossible. Rest assured, with just a few small touches, any kitchen can be transformed into a room that’s warm, inviting, and countrified.

What are the elements of a country decorated kitchen?

The red framed blackboard with clock is a great country accessory for your kitchen.

Country decorating is generally defined by a few basics, such as an eclectic mix of fabrics, vintage accessories, and handcrafted furniture. However, small variations within the set style can take your own country decorating a different direction, personalizing it to your own particular style.

Do you prefer streamlined looks or cozy spaces filled with treasured possessions? Do you have an endless collection of knickknacks or do you prefer matching accessories that create a more cohesive look? Continue Reading

Mona B Star Tote

New Mona B Line Launches at Piper Classics

March 26th, 2014 Uncategorized

You can now preorder your Mona B purses and totes at Piper Classics! This up-and-coming brand encourages customers to “energize your style,” as seen through their fun bag designs. Our first shipment arrives in mid-April, and we are not expected to get another shipment until July. So, now is definitely the time to order your bags! Get to know the company behind the bags and learn more about the purses and totes we know you’ll love.

Meet the Brand

Mona B is earth friendly. Their philosophy? Waste not. The brand explains, “If we do not waste anything we will always have enough.” The company believes there is no reason to create things from new materials when the world already has enough fabrics. Mona B focuses its efforts on reducing waste and reusing perfectly good items that seem to get left behind. Their products have an edgy, one-of-a-kind style. Continue Reading