New Mona B Line Launches at Piper Classics

March 26th, 2014 Uncategorized

Mona B Star ToteYou can now preorder your Mona B purses and totes at Piper Classics! This up-and-coming brand encourages customers to “energize your style,” as seen through their fun bag designs. Our first shipment arrives in mid-April, and we are not expected to get another shipment until July. So, now is definitely the time to order your bags! Get to know the company behind the bags and learn more about the purses and totes we know you’ll love.

Meet the Brand

Mona B is earth friendly. Their philosophy? Waste not. The brand explains, “If we do not waste anything we will always have enough.” The company believes there is no reason to create things from new materials when the world already has enough fabrics. Mona B focuses its efforts on reducing waste and reusing perfectly good items that seem to get left behind. Their products have an edgy, one-of-a-kind style.

When designing their purses and totes, Mona B gets inspiration from everywhere. Any fabric, like a truck tarp, can make it into their bag design. Then, when paired with wool scraps and a cool print, Mona B makes an incredible product from materials no one would have expected.

Mona B began selling quilted bags in 2011. Recently, they made the switch to more earth-friendly bags made from canvas with fun prints. The two styles were a drastic jump, but their new edgy but vintage designs are catching the attention of many people.


We love the new purses by Mona B! The beautiful designs, fun graphics and up-cycled process make the purses even greater than before. Take this Lone Star bag for example. This bag features khaki colored tarp with faux-leather drop handles and an adjustable strap. The bag also has a zipper to keep all of your belongings safe. The printed star on the side gives the bag even more personality than the canvas alone. A similar bag features the star again, but also has a pocket on the front for extra storage.

We also love the Bicycle Bag, which is a similar style to the Lone Star bag with khaki colored tarp, faux-leather drop handles, an adjustable strap, and a zipper. This bag has a print of an old-style bicycle, which adds a lot of character to the design.


The Mona B totes are also up-cycled and made with canvas. These bags are bigger than the purses, so they are perfect for overnight trips, for use as a book bag or a beach bag, and much more.

The totes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are tall while others are long. This Bistro Canvas tote has a zipper pocket on the front to hold your important items, like your keys, wallet, and phone.

We also really like the Working Tote, which features grey Khaki colored tarp with faux leather handles and accents. The extra embellishments like the dangling key, metal buckles and printed graphics make this bag as unique as it is useful. The graphic on this bag says, “Live, Work, Create,” which serves as a perfect reminder of the inspiring Mona B brand. You can also get the same message on a larger tote, the Working Carry All.

Preorder Today

The Mona B bags are fun and perfect to give as a gift, but we know you’ll love it too, so when you preorder, grab one for yourself and one for a friend. Remember, our first shipment arrives mid-April, and we are not expected to get another shipment until July. So, what are you waiting for? Preorder your bags now!

This growing brand still has a small following, but with stylish, edgy bags like these, we’re sure Mona B will become a household name soon.