Enhancing your Country Primitive Style with Curtains

September 5th, 2014 Country Style Curtains

Amherst Primitive PanelsAfter the hustle and bustle of a long day in the modern world, many wish to step into their home and escape to a soothing sanctuary. There’s nothing quite as wonderful as a homey, warm room that evokes calm. That’s what primitive décor is all about. It’s a welcoming feeling, peppered with antique touches that remind you of the simpler times. Sometimes this style is reminiscent of a colonial style. It’s about feeling safe, connected to your roots and happy in your own space. Often primitive décor utilizes handcrafted items that are made to last or antique furniture from family. All you need to create a primitive home are a few of the right country accents.

Primitive Decor Connects You with Nature

Primitive décor is often associated with nature. Get inspired by the beauty just outside your window. Try natural wood textures to generate warmth. Cozy, soft fabrics are inviting and perfect to relax by a window or hearth. Rustic décor works great with earth tone colors. Oranges, reds and yellows imitate the colors of autumn. Or use the soothing greens of leaves and grass. And of course, look to your windows, the eyes of your room. They draw instant attention. Windows diffuse natural light and how you decorate them completely changes the feeling of any room. Maybe country style curtains will give you the rustic look you desire. It’s the perfect starting point for creating a primitive, country home.

If you’re looking to capture lots of natural light, then the Amherst Lined Scalloped Valance may be right for you. They’re perfect for warming a kitchen or foyer. The muted gold color is soft and soothing. The scalloped edge adds an interesting shape and dimension that will soften any room. With these primitive curtains, you’ll be feeling relaxed in no time. Trying pairing it with other rustic pieces, like a soft quilt or antique trunk.

If you’re looking for curtains that provide more privacy, you may need longer fabric. Paneled curtains are great for controlling the amount of natural light you let into your room. Our Amherst Lined Scalloped Panels can be tied back or closed shut in the evening. The plaid pattern coordinates well with other warm tones, like burnt sienna, maple, or chocolate brown. It works wonderfully in bedroom and in living spaces. It’s the perfect match with the Amherst quilted bedding, bed skirt, euro shams and quilted throw. You’ll feel as if you’ve walked right into a vintage log cabin.

Looking for something with a little more dimension? Country primitive curtains come in a number of styles. Like the Amherst Lines Scalloped Prairie Curtain. Using the same beautiful Amherst fabric, this curtain leaves a lasting impression. Your guests will love their welcoming cheeriness. Imagine hosting a lovely breakfast with your family and friends, cheered by these sunny accents. They feature gorgeous descending edges. This curtains easily stands out, and but also easily coordinates with other rustic touches.

Personalizing Your Rustic Primitive Decor

Of course, decorating is personal. It’s your creative influences that make your home unique and special. Rustic curtains are a simple and affordable transition into the world of primitive décor. They offer a natural starting point for choosing a color palette. The muted gold plaid of the Amherst collection harmonizes with a number of fabrics, textures and furniture. We love seeing these curtains with everything from natural fiber dolls to a wooden bowl of fruit. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Whether you’re ready to make a change, decorate a new space or merely add some touches – the right curtains can help you make a dramatic transformation in rustic, country décor.