How to Accessorize with Country Curtains

Aged Bottle CollectionAhh … country curtains! On the off chance that our website and blog hasn’t already made this fact exceedingly clear, we love country curtains. Frankly, we’re obsessed.

Because really, is there any other single accessory more capable of tying together a primitive-style or farmhouse home than the perfect set of rustic curtains? We certainly don’t think so.

As it happens, Piper Classics has an absolutely enormous range of country curtain choices. That’s a good thing! But it also means you’ve got your work cut out for you when the time comes to start shopping.

You’ll need to ask yourself a few questions first: Which curtain style works best with the design and decor you’ve already worked so hard to create in your home? And which of our Country Collections – believe it or not, we have over 100 collections to choose from – fits your family’s unique style best?

Country curtains alone, of course, won’t turn your house into a comfy, cozy home. For that you’ll need to add a few rustic home decor items. And no matter what style of curtains you own or plan to buy, you can rest assured that Piper Classics has the perfect accessory to make them pop, and to smartly tie them into the rest of the room.

Here are a few of our rustic accessory favorites:

Country Primitives

Antler Five Arm HookAny one of the dozens of accessories in our Country Primitives collection can set off the country curtains in a bedroom or living room with exceptional farmhouse style.

Our “Letters In” Mail Caddy and our Antler Coat Hooks and Antler Key Hook all make perfect additions to mud rooms or living rooms.

Our new Aged Bottle Collection (pictured above) would look especially nice on a family room or bedroom dresser that sits next to our Cambridge Plaid country curtains, or perhaps a curtain from the Checker Berry collection.

Union Jack Pillow

Union Jack Pillow

Our fantastic Union Jack Pillow from the Downton Abbey Collection adds a uniquely British flare to any county home.

This pillow comes in two different sizes; displaying one of each would certainly bring a rare perspective to a room. Try pairing the Union Jack Pillow with something from the understated Au Natural country curtain collection for a modern shabby chic look.

Prefer to keep your decor homegrown? In that case, you’ll love our slightly weathered American Flag Pillow.

Shelves & Hanging Cupboards

We have a huge selection of shelves and hanging cupboards, some of them outfitted with pegs or hooks, and others with wooden rods that can be used to display quilts.

While they would each make fine additions to a room outfitted with country curtains, we’re partial to the Berkeley Shelf with Towel Bar, which also doubles as a curio shelf, and the Industrial Wall Cabinet, which can act as a unique rustic storage piece in a kitchen, craft room or bathroom.

Coffee Keep Cupboard

Coffee Keep CupboardCountry-minded fans of K-Cup coffee always seem to be searching for the perfect K-Cup storage solution.

We think we’ve found it in the stylishly simple Coffee Keep Cupboard, which holds 15 K-Cups and features a removable panel for additional storage.

Simply close the cupboard’s door, and you’ve got the ideal addition to any farmhouse kitchen or country primitive home.

Consider adding a Bayberry Placemat or a Cottonwood Red Placemat to catch drips and spills.

Wreaths & Garlands

Wreaths and garlands often make for wonderful indoor wall hangings, especially in homes with an abundance of framed artwork. Along with the perfect set of country curtains, a Primitive Berry Wreath with Stars, for instance, or a Fall Fireplace Wreath will give your walls the sort of warmth and personality that otherwise flat surfaces so often lack.

Wondering how best to hang your wreath indoors? Take a look at our Barn Star Wreath Holder, and you’ll have your answer.