Spring Is In The Air

April 24th, 2015 Spring Country Decor

As we write this, birds are singing, the air is getting warmer and the days are getting longer.

Many of us around the country experienced winters that were longer and colder than usual and this makes everyone happy to see the snow melt and the warm temperatures return.

Today at Piper Classics we’re thinking spring and seasonal country decor, and how to get your home ready for the next few months. Here are a few places where you can start.

1. Wreaths

COUNTRY MEADOW WREATHA wreath is a quick, easy way to announce the arrival of a new season, whether it’s spring, fall, or the winter holidays.

Even more spring-like is our new Country Meadow Wreath, decorated with red and yellow hibiscuses. There are other floral wreaths as well, decorated with pansies, daisies and geraniums.

As it gets closer to Memorial Day, hang our Americana Berry Wreath (you can always keep it around for the Fourth of July and any other patriotic holiday.)

2. Flowers, and Fun with Mason Jars

HALF GALLON MASON JAROf course, spring is also a time for fresh flowers. While there’s nothing wrong with your standard vase for storing flowers, consider using keeping them in a mason jar instead for a rustic, seasonal look.

Our Mason Jars come in quart, pint and half gallon sizes, making them ideal for a variety of spring flowers.

If you feel like going an extra decorative mile, try a painted mason jar. You’ll need a few coats of acrylic paint, plus one or two coats of sealer, and a nail file. Start by painting the jar, then letting it dry. Use the file to sand the letters on the jar for an aged look, and then add your sealer.

And don’t just stop with flowers when it comes to mason jars.

Thrown in some soil to use them to grow mini herb gardens, turn one into a terrarium. As the weather gets warmer, the smaller jars can make lovely glasses for serving lemonade or iced tea.

If you’re hosting a spring-time wedding, they make great containers for bubbles, or as a place to keep little party favors or candy at the guests’ tables.

3. Don’t Forget the Indoors

LACE CURTAINSWhen spring arrives, it might be a good idea to make some seasonal decor changes indoors. After the spring cleaning is done, you may want to swap out your heavier, darker winter curtains for something airy and lighter. Check out our lace curtain and Country Sheer lines to see what works for you.

Do the same thing in your bathroom with a new, brighter shower curtain, perhaps our Chamomile or York Sage Green varieties.

In the kitchen, switch to a brighter tablecloth and table runner. Our Blue Belle or Kensington table runner designs would work well with our Burlap Natural table cloth.

4. In the Land of the Fairies

Fairy GardensIf you’re looking for country decor ideas that involve taking on a more complex project this spring, consider one of our fairy gardens

We have 11 different varieties of fairies, all hand-painted, finely detailed, and very durable. (Of course they’re durable; they’re magic!)

You’ll find the fairies in our collection racing on snails, taking flight, or napping by a pond. But first, you’ll need to create their habitat.

To begin, choose a container such as a flower pot, old wagon, wooden crate, carved out stump, or another creative container. (There should be a drainage hole if at all possible.)

Put the container on your patio, under a large leafy plant, next to the base of a tree, or in a nook in your garden. Then choose your plants, whether it’s herbs, moss or miniature foliage.

Fairies love brightly colored flowers — it reminds them of home — and shrubs provide a wonderful hiding place. Be sure to water your garden but be careful not to drown your plants.

Now, you can begin to add some accessories: a cottage, a chair or bench where your fairies can relax, a path through the garden, or animals for them to befriend.

Change things up so they don’t get bored. With all of this stuff to work with, we doubt YOU’LL get bored.

We hope some of these country decor ideas will help your surroundings feel fresh and new as spring gets into full bloom. The long winter is behind us. It’s time for things to grow.