May, 2015

Picking the Right Color For Country Decor

May 29th, 2015 Country Color

Trees are in bloom, birds are singing, and you’ve been bitten by the remodeling bug, deciding to use this season of sun and warmth to give the rooms in your home a new look.

The foundation for your decor is color, setting the tone before you hang your pictures and add your knick-knacks. Cool colors can make your space feel relaxed, warmer tones can make it feel energized.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the right shade for your rooms, and the choice is something people can agonize over.

That’s where Piper Classic’s Country Color Guide comes in. Inside, you’ll find nine different country-flavored color ideas, each designed to give your room a different look and feel.

We want you to use it to get an idea of what colors work for your home.

Color can be intimidating and we want our customers to feel confident in colors that make a statement and add extra interest to a room.

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Adventures In Fairy Gardening

May 20th, 2015 Uncategorized

This spring I started my first Fairy Garden. I’ve been waiting all winter, dreaming about spring, warmer weather, and working in my garden. It’s so much fun to plan gardens but of course not so much fun to do the actual work! But every year, to my husband’s chagrin, I dream and plan all winter about my garden for the following spring. This year I’ve been especially impatient for the warmer weather because I’ve been plotting and planning a Fairy Garden!

I’m new to this idea of Fairy Gardening. Although the concept has been around for a little while now I had never heard of it until last summer – now I’m obsessed! I’ve always loved fairies and all things miniature. As a child I had a simple dollhouse – just a few painted wooden boxes stacked on their side really – nothing fancy. But inside I had the sweetest little dollhouse furniture and accessories. My Dad sometimes took us to an antique mall where one of the vendors sold dollhouse furnishings. I would linger the entire time in that area, carefully choosing my next little purchase. I spent hours with that dollhouse, rearranging, painting, and decorating the miniature rooms.

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The Timeless Appeal of Primitive Décor

You’re reading this on a device that lets you find out almost anything you want to know. 3D printing is changing everything from manufacturing to medicine. And we may live to see a day when self-driving cars are a fact of life on the roadway.

It’s a busy, fast moving world, and sometimes, it’s nice to escape to a space that recalls a slower, less complicated time. That’s where primitive décor – also known as country primitive – comes in.

“Primitive country decorating harks back to a time when life was simpler, when furniture was handcrafted and worn hard,” writes Jan Czech on SFGate’s Home Guide blog. “Accessories were rare and items were repurposed rather than thrown away.”

It’s a décor that has its roots in that earlier America, and also in the country’s folk art traditions. This is art that’s utilitarian and decorative, made by self-taught artists outside the academic art world. Another definition we’ve seen: Art by people who don’t think of themselves as artists.

Typically, Primitive Décor objects have a more rustic, folk art feel than your typical country interior.

Here are a few ways to help give your home a country primitive look:

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3 Steps To Create The Perfect Country Kitchen

May 5th, 2015 Country Kitchen

Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar: You’re throwing a party. You spend a whole day cleaning and decorating, even in rooms where guests aren’t likely to find themselves, because you never know where company might wander.

Then the day of the party comes, the guests arrive, and no matter how big your living room or clean your dining room, everyone congregates in your kitchen.

It’s not surprising. The kitchen is the most communal room of your home, the center or heart of your house.

It’s where meals are made, fueling conversation and nourishing our families. It’s where we hash out ideas and try new things. The kitchen is where families have serious discussions and play goofy games. Why wouldn’t your friends gravitate to the kitchen?

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