5 Independence Day Country Décor Ideas

June 25th, 2015 Americana, Uncategorized

AMERICANA TIN STARSWhen Christmas comes, you put up some lights and decorate the tree.

When it’s Halloween, you hang fake cobwebs and turn your home into a haunted house.

When it’s the Fourth of July, you…put up a flag?

America’s birthday is almost here, and although it’s one of the more celebratory holidays on the calendar, your décor may not reflect that.

No one’s saying you need to go as big and bold as your town’s firework display, but there are a few touches you can add to get your home ready for July 4.

Here are a few simple tips collected from around the internet to have a simple, stylish Fourth of July.

1. Serve Red White and Blue Refreshments

“Think of cold beverages as a decorating opportunity,” writes Brian Patrick Flynn on HGTV.com. He suggests storing red and blue sodas or juice in bottles soaking in tubs of ice (that’s the white part).

If you’re not serving bottled drinks, try something like blueberry tea or strawberry lemonade. You can serve any of these drinks in our Chicken Coop Mug or Farmhouse Fruit Glass.

2. Have a Patriotic Picnic

You may not feel like going to – or hosting – a big cookout on July 4, so think smaller. Have a picnic with your kids, your significant other or a few close friends. Use a red, white and blue blanket and throw pillows – you’ll find all sorts in our country pillow collection – to give the picnic a patriotic flair. (Although the colors are right, our Union Jack pillow might not send the right message on this most American of holidays.)

3. Serve Some Patriotic Food

Whether you’re hosting a party or planning the above-mentioned picnic, you can adhere to the theme of the day with some red, white and blue foods. Good Housekeeping and Real Simple have a few recommendations:

  • Coconut, blueberries and raspberry-topped cupcakes.
  • A savory watermelon and blue cheese salad.
  • Watermelon wedges served on popsicle sticks, to cut down on mess.
  • Vanilla layer cake with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

Of course, these are only three options, and you’re welcome to experiment or add your own favorites. Visit Piper Classics’ dinnerware collection to find the right products to help you serve these dishes.

4 . Mason Jar Décor

For an understated way to bring some patriotic décor to your home, try a mason jar. (Mason jars are as American as apple pie, invented and patented in the same place the country was born: Philadelphia.)

Country Living has a variety of ways to use these jars for Fourth of July dining and décor, including:

  • A healthy red, white and blue dessert made up low fat vanilla yogurt, strawberries and blueberries (plus some whipped cream) stacked inside a jar.
  • Red, white and blue candle holders.
  • Mason jar shortcake, a no bake dessert made with raspberries, blueberries, and pound cake, served – as the name suggests – in a mason jar.

If you’re looking for mason jars, we have them, in a number of sizes.

5. View From Outside

There’s nothing wrong with putting up a flag around July 4, but there are ways to give your outdoor décor a patriotic flair. Drape your porch furniture with our Americana Berry Garland, or decorate your mailbox with one of our patriotic magnetic mailwrap designs. You can also hang the Americana Tin Stars that are part of our patriotic décor collection.

The Fourth of July can be a time to reflect, but also a time to have fun. We hope you can use these tips – and our products – to make your next Independence Day a memorable one.