A Country Pillow For Every Season

June 11th, 2015 country pillows

The seasons change quickly, and chances are you want your country décor to change with them. But you also may not have the time – or the money — to do a major decorating overhaul every three months.

That’s where Piper Classic’s line of country pillows comes in. With the right mix of colors, fabrics and themes, pillows are an easy and low cost way to do seasonal country décor on a budget. In that respect, throw pillows can be the most important accessory you own.

Here’s how to make them work as the seasons change.


CARA PILLOW - 20Let’s start with summer. When we think summer, we think sun. And that leads us to yellow, an easy way to brighten your room. HGTV’s summer color guide recommends pairing yellow pillows with a neutral color like grey or white to make it pop even more.

HGTV also recommends pillows in yellow’s darker cousin orange, great for adding a bit of visual tanginess to a neutral piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing summer shade, go with sky blue, perfect for bedrooms or sitting rooms or any place you want to have a “cool” vibe. A darker blue – the kind you’ll find on our 100 percent cotton Windsor Star Indigo Pillow — reminiscent of an inviting lake or swimming pool, can also help make your space feel more mellow.

There’s also our Red House Hooked Pillow, with a design that suggests a cool barn at the height of a verdant green summer. And when the Fourth of July comes, put out our Country Star Pillows, with their subtle patriotic design.


13080Temperatures start to drop in autumn, so pick pillow colors that denote warmth. Look to falling leaves as inspiration, with darker yellows and crimson or to Halloween with a pumpkin orange shade.

In our collection, you’ll find the deep reds of the Windsor Star Garnett Pillow, a variation on the indigo pillow we referenced earlier.

You can also try our Folk Crow Hooked Pillow , with shades of maize and dark red and a design that suggests a late fall harvest, or the Primitive Cat Hooked Pillow, with a black cat design that makes for an understated Halloween decoration.


RED HOUSE HOOKED PILLOW - 18Now we’ve come to the coldest, darkest and seemingly longest season, which means your country décor should now convey warmth!

For starters, add a few extra pillows – and blankets — into the mix. Don’t go too crazy; you need to allow guests a place to sit. We’ve seen experts recommend three to six pillows on sofas, more on sectionals. If you have too many, you can always use larger pillows as floor cushions during game nights and movie viewings.

If you have a fireplace, move your furniture inward, facing the hearth. The warm colors you used in the summer time might serve you well again, this time working as a counter to the grey, dreary weather outside.


14541Winter is over and spring is in the air. It’s a season of hope and new life, and time once again for brighter colors. Things are in bloom outside, and you can reflect that indoors with flower prints.

It’s also the time of year where you’re moving furniture outdoors, and a few colorful pillows can be an easy, inexpensive way to brighten up your old porch benches or chairs. This means choosing pillows that can survive a few months outside. Look for fabrics that won’t fade in the sun, and that are made of water resistant material.

In our country pillow collection you’ll find the Elise Cream Embroidered Pillow, featuring a turquoise and marigold flower print or the Elise Mocha Embroidered Pillow, where you’ll find a similar design on rich earth tones.

Head out into the field with the wild rabbit on our Hare Feedsack Pillow, or check out our folksy Hen and Eggs Hooked Pillow, a great way to symbolize spring rebirth.

Country décor is all about style and comfort, and in pillows, you find both those things in a few soft, square inches. Whether you’re using them to cuddle up with a good book or simply to accentuate a piece of furniture, you’ll find there’s the right pillow for every season.

Pillows are a key part of your décor, allowing you to change the look and feel of your rooms each season.