Presenting the Piper Classics Photo Contest

August 19th, 2015 Photo Contest

Piper Classics Photo ContestHave you ever wanted to take the types of pictures you see in magazines like Country Living?

Piper Classics is giving you the opportunity.

We’re pleased to announce our new home decor photo contest, a chance for you to show off your photography and decorating skills in one quick picture. You could go outside and snap something from the garden, show off how your country curtains look in your country living room, or give the world a look at your country kitchen.

The winning picture will get a $100 Piper Classics gift certificate. Second prize is a $50 gift certificate. And we’ll give a $5 coupon to everyone who enters. You may even see some of the best images in an upcoming Piper publication!

The better your pictures, the better chance you have at winning. And be sure to invite your friends to share your pictures on places like Facebook and Pinterest. Our panel of experts will pick a winner based on the quality and creativity of the photos, but also on the number of social shares they get.

Piper Classics Photo ContestNeed a little refresher on your photography skills? Here are a few suggestions for taking better photos:

Straighten Up Your Shot.
We want your room and our products to be the star of these photos. So be sure there aren’t distractions in the shot: your car keys, your son’s action figures, or anything that doesn’t say “country décor.”

Find The Right Light.
The light source should be behind you when you take your photo. Otherwise, the subject of your picture will be in shadows.

Hold The Phone Sideways.
Smartphones can take great pictures, but you have to use them the right way. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of how you hold the phone. Turn it sideways so you’re getting a horizontal view. This is better for wider shots, and for displaying your pictures on a computer monitor.

Take More Than One Photo.
You never know what’s going to happen in a room as you’re taking a picture. Your cat might dash into the frame, or someone might bump into you at the moment you snap your shot. So take a few shots. Try coming in closer to your subject or moving away from it to include more of the room setting, and then see which looks best.

Be Your Own Tripod.
Holding your phone at arm’s length can lead to bad images. Get a solid, sharp picture by holding the phone with both hands and tucking your arms against your chest or stomach. You’ve basically become your own tripod and given yourself steadier photos.

Know Your Phone’s Settings.
If you let the phone do all the work, it will automatically turn on the flash and bathe everything in light. Try taking one photo with the flash and one without. Be sure you’ve explored your phone’s settings so you know everything its camera function can do. Set it on a reasonably high resolution. We can accept images up to 3MB.

No Selfies, No Portraits.
It’s nothing personal, but we want to show off your Piper Classics favorites and your amazing homes, so make sure your pictures are people-free.

The contest runs through September 21st. We will announce the winner on October 1st, just in time for holiday shopping. Good luck and happy photographing.


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