A Day on The Farm with Mona B

August 5th, 2015 Mona B

We’re super excited about the newest releases from Mona B! The new collection is ready to ship in August and offers an extended selection of cross-body styles, some new colors, and lots of fun buckles and embellishments. The vintage chic and up-cycle style of Mona B bags and totes makes them feel as comfortable in an urban setting as they do in town or the country. However, here at Piper Classics, we’re pretty much farm girls at heart. So it was only natural that we should take to the farm for our latest Mona B photo shoot!MONA B

The gentleman’s farm in Perkasie Pa, where we photographed this latest collection of Mona B, is perfectly situated on a sunny hillside overlooking a patchwork of fields and other farms. It was a gorgeous day filled with sunshine, flowers, a light breeze, and the sound of small children exploring the farm – an idyllic summer day in every respect.


What fun it is to wander around a barnyard seeking out picturesque locations for a photo! In fact, we took so many photos that we decided that we needed to share not only our new Mona B photos with you, but also the beautiful images we took while wandering around the farm.


The stable area is home to three horses, all of which were contentedly resting in the cool shadowy barn, busily munching their feed. However one of the horses, Tristan, was quite curious about what we were doing. He was clearly seeking an extra treat and seemed to believe that our Mona B bags might contain hidden goodies! An oatmeal granola bar did the trick and he became quite willing to pose for us! The window on his stall made a sweet backdrop for the Jet Setter Crossbody bag.


We also visited the chicken house, hoping for a candid barnyard image with one of the new Mona B totes. Once again, interested creatures seeking a handout eagerly greeted us! A group of hens clustered by the gate while several more popped out of the hen house to see what the excitement was about. One cheeky chicken, apparently mistaking my bare toes for tasty worms, reached through the fencing for a quick peck! You can see the guilty party in one of the pictures with the Hand Made Weekender bag.


The farm provided many opportunities for interesting photos; fence posts, barn doors, out buildings, stone walls, and country flowers. It also provided a much needed break from the computer screen, time to enjoy the summer sunshine and an occasion to connect in a small way with a few of God’s creatures. It felt like the perfect place to showcase the new Mona B bags with their earthy canvas fabrics and vintage style.


We hope you enjoy seeing these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!