Summer Flea Market Finds

August 24th, 2015 Flea Market Finds

You can find nearly everything at a flea market, from one-of-a-kind finds to everyday things like vintage furniture and antiques. These everyday items can be used to create a home that is unique and striking. You can re-purpose these collectibles into custom creations and create a primitive home décor with a casual touch.

The challenge isn’t in finding these vintage items but in envisioning them in a new setting. Here are a few useful and affordable ideas on how you can incorporate your summer flea market finds into your home.

Summer Flea Market Finds

Signs of Country Life

The central aim of accessorizing your home with antiques is to convey simplicity, utility, warmth, and authenticity. So, when selecting items, keep this in mind. When looking for collectibles, consider the faded colors and graphic designs of advertising signs from farm stands and local businesses. These items create an environment that speaks to the well-worn comfort of a country cottage. Items such as salvaged garden or architectural trimmings, old windows, old doors, or pitchfork tines have a stylish look when displayed as artwork.

Color Schemes

Interior Color GuideColors in early home furnishings often faded from sun exposure and repeated washing creating weathered, softer shades. To imbue your home with a country look use muted and gentle color schemes such as steel grays, navy blues, barn reds and dark browns. Choose creamy whites or quilted coverlets that are worn soft from continuous washings.

For furniture, buy weathered pieces that show worn spots and layers. Alternatively, you can create the country touch by applying multiple coats of paint to replicate years of use.


To capture the simplicity of a country home, you can illuminate your living room with metal-and-glass lanterns or wall scones with an antique finish. Old metal funnels turned upside down with a candle fixed in the sprout can make striking candle holders and enhance the country look. Wrought iron chandeliers suspended in the middle of the living room can create a primitive decor focal point.

The Primitive Touch

Primitive MailboxThe fondness for weathered furniture and artifacts from daily life that contribute to a primitive décor style, reflect our yearning for a simpler time. Re-purpose an old woven basket, use a galvanized metal trough to hold supplies, think about the decorative possibilities of old toys, typewriters, telephones, jewelry, and fabrics. Any of these great flea market finds carry an air of nostalgia and contribute to a country primitive style .

You can complement the walls with framed antique photographs, and colorful flea market fabrics. Rusty vintage milk jugs can also add some extra primitive touch when used to hold flowers.

Successful primitive decor can be as easy as seeing the possibilities in objects that others have passed over. So, time to hit those flea markets with a new purpose and focus. Happy Hunting!