Using Fall FOLIAGE to Inspire Your Country Decor

November 10th, 2015 Fall Primitive Decor

In many parts of the country, it’s the most colorful time of the year. Just go for a hike or take a drive through the country and you’ll see the proof.

Why not use that color to inspire your home décor, making things as lively indoors as they are outdoors? If you’re not quite sure how to do that, here are a few tips, pulled from Midwestern Living and Better Homes and Gardens, on using the shades of this season to inspire your country decor.


1. Create a golden glow

For this, you’ll need a clear glass container – like one of our mason jars – and a small candle. Fill the container with candy corn or corn kernels (unpopped popcorn will work) to show off the candle as well as the colorful material inside.

2. A chandelier with leaves instead of lights

Here’s another project that mixes mason jars and fall colors. You’ll need four or five jars, some rope, and a few crisp fall leaves. Start by drilling a ¼ inch hole in each jar lid, then threading a piece of rope through each hole, tying knots under each lid to keep the rope in place. Put leaves in the jars, secure the lids, then tie the rope pieces together and hang them from a secure ceiling hook.

3. Turn gourds into vases…

You’ve probably carved a few pumpkins. This is much easier. Get some squash or other gourds and cut a hole in the top of one deep enough to fit a few florist tubes. Insert some flower stems, and you’ve got a unique seasonal vase.

4. …or hanging vases

If you have a swan gourd, you can turn it into a unique hanging vase. Cut a hole near the neck, and hollow out room for some fall flowers. Then hang the gourd from a gate or porch railing.

5. White pumpkin centerpieces

A pumpkin centerpiece doesn’t have to use an orange pumpkin. Track down a white pumpkin – also known as the “ghost pumpkin” – and put it at the center of your table atop an orange or autumn-hued table runner.

6. Gourds on the mantel

All you’ll need to do for this tip is gather up a few gourds of varying sizes and shapes and place them on your mantel. Finish things off with a few maple leaves and a berry spray.

7. Set the table for the harvest

Bring fall colors to your table with a mix of orange and white pumpkins around a centerpiece of yellow chrysanthemums in a yellow container.

8. Remember the wreaths

This is a concept we’ve promoted in the past: Wreaths work in any season. Be sure to read our guide to making your own wreaths or – if you’re pressed for time – see what our store has to offer.

9. Autumn’s portrait

Here’s another mantle decoration, although it requires a little more work. You’ll need an empty picture frame, some S hooks from a craft store, a few colorful leaves, and some ribbon. String the ribbon across the picture frame, then use the hooks to hang the leaves.

10. Jack-o-lanterns after Halloween

Here’s a non-spooky way to light up a pumpkin. On a smaller pumpkin, carve a hole wide enough and deep enough to hold a votive candle. Place candle inside the pumpkin, and the pumpkin inside a wire jar holder for a more rustic look.

11. Fall = warmth

There may be frost on the lawn when you wake up this time of year, but that’s all the more reason for your décor to say “warmth.” You can achieve this look by adding some deep reds or burnt orange colors to your living area, whether it’s with some throw pillows or country curtains.

12. Fall is more than just red, yellow and orange

You should also remember to add other colors beyond fall’s traditional red, orange and yellow. Think of the way some leaves turn a rich plum or chocolate brown. More muted tones can make for a nice contrast against some of the season’s brighter hues.

We hope this guide has given you some good ideas to help fill the decorating lull between Halloween and the winter holidays. Get out there and color your world.