Affordable Country Christmas Decor

December 8th, 2015 Country Christmas

If you’ve been living under the assumption that buying or creating classic country Christmas décor has to be expensive, well … we’ve got good news for you: You’re wrong!

Of course, there are a few simple secrets you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to decorate your country home economically. And unless you have a treasure trove of rustic holiday items left over from Christmases past, the truth is that you probably will need to spend a a little, so do it strategically.

Keep reading, and we’ll fill you in on a few surprisingly affordable ways to turn your cozy home into a shabby chic winter wonderland.

Country Christmas Decorating

Glitter is Your Best Friend:


When it comes to stylish and sophisticated holiday decorating on a shoestring budget, glitter is your new best friend. Kick off your Christmas crafting by gathering a handful of pinecones, faux berry sprigs or flowers, or even artificial fruit like apples or pears. Then simply apply a spray adhesive or your favorite craft glue before sprinkling with ultra-fine glitters. Make sure the glitter you choose coordinates with your holiday color palate. The sparking baubles you’ll create will work beautifully as table accents. You can even use them to round out the look of a Christmas tree. If you only own a few expensive ornaments, for instance, fill in the branches with glittered pinecones and faux berry sprigs–it’s a fast and affordable way to create a glamorously rustic tree.

Popcorn on the Mantle:


Don’t limit your glitter to the Christmas tree. Spraying a few strings of popcorn or loose pine branches with glitter, and then hanging them or placing them atop a mantle, is both a cheap and lovely way to pull together your home’s country Christmas look. Take care, however, not to cover your popcorn and pine with too much glitter; a light and subtle dusting makes for a much more sophisticated look. Finish the job by spraying your newly created décor with a clear acrylic topcoat, and you’ll be able to store it for years to come.

Reinvent the Mason Jar:

Another clever trick for affordable decorating: Start with a few Mason jars (a country décor classic) or any sort of glass jar or vase you may have laying around. Next, either apply a stencil or simply tape off the bottom half or bottom third of the vessel with masking tape. Then paint the non-taped area with gold or silver paint. Complete the look by filling the jars with an arrangement of fresh, seasonal florals (we’re partial to poinsettia or berry stems), or even faux flowers.

For more tips on decorations you can make at home, be sure to download our guide to holiday decorating and entertaining.