Country Christmas Decorating Made Easy

December 16th, 2015 Country Christmas

If your holiday to-do list involves giving your Christmas decorating a distinctive country flavor, you’ll need to do a bit more than simply picking out a tree and hanging stockings and blinking lights. But that doesn’t mean that accenting your home with country Christmas décor needs to be difficult, expensive or terribly time-consuming. For instance, a sometimes overlooked yet very effective way to make your home both welcoming and festive for the holidays is to do a quick change-out of your most basic household items.

Country Christmas Decorating

Changing Your Linens:

  • Always begin with the linens when you’re working on a seasonal change out. Textiles and other fabric items – anything from quilts and accent pillows to throw blankets, tea towels, and even area rugs – will go a long way toward pulling together the perfect country holiday look.
  • You can save a fair bit of money by investing in seasonal linens that can be used year after year. For a genuine country look, toss a bright red throw blanket and a couple uniquely shaped accent pillows on your couch, then top your mantle with a random assortment of ornaments and a sprig or two of pine.

Flowers, Plants and Wreaths:

  • Strategically placed potted plants – poinsettias and pines are both popular holiday choices – can transform almost every area of your home, especially if you add a few well-placed votive or tapered candles around them. They work especially well in windows, foyers, and other nooks and crannies.
  • Keeping a wreath on your front door year-round is a wonderful way to welcome guests. It can also be effortlessly turned into a stunning piece of holiday décor. Switch out your autumnal wreath accents with holiday pieces such as pine and berry sprigs or an assortment of beads and baubles, and then top with a large velvet bow.

Insider Tip: The more neutral your home’s everyday palate, the easier holiday change-outs are going to be. But regardless, with just a little ingenuity, it won’t take much at all to get your home in the country holiday spirit.

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