Getting Your Country Kitchen Ready for Christmas Entertaining

December 1st, 2015 Country Christmas

Anyone who has ever hosted friends or family during the holiday season knows full well just how much work is often required before the Christmas fun can finally begin. There’s the cleaning and decorating. There’s the cooking, the baking and the shopping.

So it’s understandable that so many of us tend to neglect preparing our kitchens for the holidays. But those who are truly experienced with home entertaining know that a kitchen often becomes a hotspot during the holidays. It’s where we gather to catch up with family and friends we haven’t seen for awhile. It’s the most casual spot in the home for simply hanging out and having fun.


So, yes: You’ll definitely want to make sure your kitchen is appropriately festive for the holidays. But don’t forget that you may need a lot of work space when preparing for holiday parties, and for hosting unexpected visits.

  • Before you start decorating, take a moment to organize your pantry and cupboards. Make sure that the items you need most for holiday meals and baking are close at hand, as these often end up toward the back of the pantry throughout the year.
  • Once you’ve finished your organizing, add a couple candles to your kitchen windowsill, and tie a little ribbon around your herb garden. Next, place some sprigs of pine along the top of your cabinets. If you have a kitchen island, hanging a bit of garland or bunting along the side edges can make for a festive holiday touch that won’t get in the way of your meal prep.
  • If you have pitchers or serving platters that you’d like to keep handy but won’t be using often, fill them with artificial seasonal flowers and berries rather them leaving them empty. Turning these items into décor when not in use is a great way to keep from having to rummage through cupboards or make unnecessary trips to the basement.
  • Considering turning your kitchen table into a drinks station, and include a cookie tray or an assortment of snacks on the table. Putting out a few extra stools for guests to gather on is always a wise idea.
  • Making portions of your large dinner party meals in advance (salads, for instance, and even main courses that can be quickly heated up) is a great way to make your holiday kitchen a more comfortable place for guests to hang out. Not only will there be less clutter on the counters, you also won’t have nearly as much to clean up. And rather than fretting about whether or not you’ve remembered the rolls in the oven, you can spend that time enjoying your guests.

Insider’s Tip: Swapping out your tea towels and dish cloths to a holiday print or color can make a surprisingly big impact on your kitchen’s décor. For a complete guide to a stress-free holiday, download our guide below.