How to Host The Best Super Bowl Party

February 2nd, 2016 Fall Decor

As we write this, the 2015/2016 NFL season is just coming to a close.

But two things are certain: two teams will make it to the Super Bowl, and people will have parties to watch the game.

If you’re one of those people, and have never hosted a Super Bowl party before, we’d like to offer you some of the tips we’ve collected so you can score points with your guests, whether they’ve come to root for their favorite team or just see the ads everyone will be talking about.

Fall Decor

1. Offer a variety of drinks, and prepare for spills

“Beer may be synonymous with football (we blame the beer ads that play during every commercial break), but it isn’t everyone’s first choice,” Country Living says. They suggest having other alcoholic drinks on hand: pitchers of margaritas or mojitos, along with some bottles of red wine. They also suggest removing rugs if possible to prepare for the inevitable spills. Someone might leap up and yell “Touchdown!” and forget there’s a wineglass in their hand.

2. Serve food that’s a mix of sporty, hearty and healthy

Party staples like chips and pretzels are pretty much a given. But the Super Bowl is a long game that coincides with most people’s dinner time, so your menu should include something a little more substantial than snacks. Chicken wing, ribs, chili and potato skins are popular favorites, but consider adding some healthy options: artichoke dip, turkey burgers, or wings that are baked instead of fried.

3. Let guests help themselves

Cooking and hosting can be a tough job, so give yourself a break by setting up a “make your own” bar and letting guests help themselves. Real Simple suggests a potato bar: baked potato wedges, served warm with toppings like red onion, salsa, cheddar, and low fat sour cream. Be sure to look at our kitchen accents collection to find items that can help you plan your menu.

4. Make a “team menu”

If you feel like challenging yourself a bit in the kitchen, consider a “team menu” featuring dishes that represent the two Super Bowl contenders’ hometowns. For example: if Chicago was facing New England, your menu could include bratwurst and clam chowder. You can take things a few steps further by decorating your space with the team’s colors.

5. Give kids something to do

The football fans who bring their children to your party might have handed down their love of the game. If not, it would be nice to have something to keep kids busy. It could just be a few board games, or you can find activities that relate to the game. Buzzfeed suggests a version of bingo where they can mark off events during the broadcast: touchdowns, aerial shots, movie trailers. If there are a lot of parents bringing kids to the party, consider pooling your money to hire a babysitting service.

6. You don’t HAVE to watch the halftime show

If no one wants to watch the halftime show, feel free to change the channel. There’s always the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet or the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel. You could also get out your camera and get a group shot of all your guests, or put the TV on mute and host a brief round of karaoke.

7. Focus on the “party” aspect of the watching party as much as the “watching”

There are people who will come to watch the game, and those who come just to socialize. Be sure to have areas set up in your home to accommodate both groups: a space to view the action, and a space for people to chat.

This is a good time to point out, as we have before, that the kitchen is the most communal room of your home. You may want to use it as a gathering spot for your non-football fan guests. If the game turns out to be a blow-out, you might find the whole party moving to the kitchen. People will remember the fun they had at the party long after they’ve forgotten who won or lost the big game.