Mixing Country Styles – Do’s and Don’ts

April 20th, 2016 Country Decor

Great things can happen when you blend styles. Mix romance and comedy and adventure and you get The Princess Bride. Put together blues, R&B and country and you get rock music.

The same goes for your home décor. You don’t have to stick to just one style. There’s no rule saying rooms need to have one type of décor, one color, one kind of furniture, etc.

Mixing Country Styles

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can mix styles in your home. Here are a few dos and don’ts for blending décor that we’ve collected from around the web.

  1. DO – Use a neutral background accentuated with vibrant colors. Some throw pillows, an ottoman or a piece of furniture will stand out nicely against more colorless tones.
  2. DON’T – Use too many colors. You’ll just overwhelm your eyes, and your visitors.
  3. DO – Mix modern and traditional pieces of furniture. Something traditional and ornate can pair well with a sleek, modern style.
  4. DON’T – Combine too many pieces from the same period, or you won’t be able to achieve a contrast.
  5. DO – Use color and texture to add contrast. Create a beautiful contrast by mixing old with new, rustic woods with modern metals or soft textures and hard surfaces.
  6. DON’T – Mix too many different styles of wood. Instead, stick with one style – a rustic weathered wood, for example – to create cohesiveness. As the website Remodelholic says, mixing dark and light woods will lead to “chaos” with your décor.
  7. DO – Think about woods in terms of “formal” and “informal.” Oak, cherry, mahogany are more formal, so they’ll work well together. Things like bamboo and pine are more casual, which means they’ll blend together, but not work with formal woods.
  8. DON’T – Shop all in one place. We’ve made this point before. A room that mixes country décor with other styles should look as if it’s been collected over time.
  9. DO – Keep things simple. Too many old time things can make your room look like an antique store.
  10. DON’T – Go too big or too small. Dabney Frake of Apartment Therapy advises readers to consider scale and shape when mixing décor styles. A big, overstuffed chair won’t work next to a delicate loveseat.
  11. DO – Remember the 80/20 rule. As long as 80 percent of your interior is tied together by one type of décor, you can have more freedom with the other 20 percent.
  12. DON’T – Be ashamed of that odd piece of furniture. Instead, make it the focal point of your room.
  13. DO – Choose a unifying pattern. Having one shape or motif throughout a room can keep it from seeming scattered.
  14. DON’T – Let your furniture be lonely. Apartment Therapy recommends that you “let furniture have friends.” Give each piece a “companion” that shares its style, finish or color.
  15. DO – Compromise with your significant other or new roommate over décor. There are ways to incorporate two styles. As Houzz puts it, “Sometimes the best approach to please both is to keep fewer pieces and celebrate them in a simpler setting. Simply select the pieces you couldn’t live without and edit out the rest.”

In the end, the most important thing to remember might be to not think of any of the tips we mentioned above as unbreakable rules. Country décor and all of its offspring – farmhouse, rustic, etc. – are all based around notions of comfort and simplicity, and what’s more comfortable than a room that feels like home?

Be sure to visit Piper Classics’ website to get more inspiration on how to add a country style to your house. We hope you find something feels like home.