Quilts For Any Season

June 29th, 2016 country quilts

Part of the Piper Classics Series on Country Quilts

When we think of quilts, we often think of autumn or winter: a quilt draped over our laps at a football game, or keeping us warm on an icy January night.

But quilts can really work in any season. A change in color, fabric or style can make them a part of your country décor all year round.

There’s a practical reason to use quilts year-round: In most climates, it gets chilly pretty much any time of year, especially when the sun goes down. Rather than digging out thick blankets or heavy comforters you use during the winter, you can reach for a quilt on a cool September night.


And country quilts are a great way to decorate no matter what the calendar says. They add a feeling of warmth and comfort to modern country décor even if they’re simply hanging over a piece of furniture.

The website All People Quilt offers a few ways to decorate with quilts no matter what time of year it is.

  1. AMELIA CREME QUILTED BEDDING SETDrape a quilt over the bottom of a staircase railing. It adds warmth to the wood/metal, and keeps the eye from looking through to other rooms.
  2. Add some color to your kitchen table by using a quilt as a tablecloth. You can switch quilts with the seasons, opting for lighter colors in spring and summer and darker shades in fall and winter.
  3. Quilting is an art form, and you should treat it as such. If you’ve made a quilt you’re proud of – or if you simply own a pattern you admire – show it off by hanging it on the wall.
  4. You can use a quilt as a headboard. Change your bedding to match its colors, and attach a hanging sleeve to the quilt’s upper edge so it can hang straight.
  5. ADELAIDE GREY QUILTED BEDDING SETAre you tired of your sofa’s upholstery? Cover it with a quilt. It gives your furniture a new look without adding extra bulk.
  6. Sometimes you don’t even need a finished quilt to decorate. If you have old quilt pieces sitting around, use them as a cushion for your kitchen chairs. As All People Quilt puts it, “Since they aren’t perfect from the beginning, you won’t have to worry about something being spilled on them.”
  7. On the same note: you can take individual blocks from an unfinished quilts and frame them. You can show off your love of quilting, even if that particular quilt didn’t quite come together.
  8. Do you have a clothes drying rack that’s not in use? Give it a second job as a quilt display stand. Set it up in the laundry room or a spare bedroom to give those spaces some added color.
  9. BEACON HILL QUILTED BEDDINGChange your bedroom decor instantly by switching out your quilt seasonally. Choose warmer, earth tones for the fall and winter, and a lighter or brighter colors for the spring and summer. Choose neutral colored curtains and accents to make this change simple, or consider changing your window treatments at the same time.
  10. Tired of your quilt or have an old quilt that has seen better days? Cut it apart and make throw pillows for your sofa or porch rockers.
  11. A group of quilts piled together makes a beautiful and colorful display! Fold several quilts and stack them neatly inside an open cupboard or on a small chest.

If any of these ideas sound appealing, but you’re short on quilts, turn to Piper Classics. Our collection of country quilts includes a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to keep your home quilted in every season.