Quilts For Any Country Style

July 6th, 2016 country quilts

Part of the Piper Classics Series on Country Quilts

There’s something about a quilt that says “This is part of the past.”

And that makes sense. As we’ve already discussed in our series on quilts, they’re intertwined with our history in traditions both large (the nationwide quilting effort during the Civil War) and small (the way families hand down quilts from generation to generation).

It’s that old-fashioned feeling stitched into quilts that makes them perfect for country décor and many of it’s spin-offs. Let’s take a look at how quilts can fit into the various schools of country style.


Farmhouse décor

This style is based around two words: light and bright. Clean, open looks, colorful accents and natural surfaces are all hallmarks of farmhouse décor.

And a farmhouse bedroom should look “collected,” meaning you’ve pulled together weathered, heirloom pieces complimented by lighter-colored linens.

This would be the perfect place for a quilt, especially the lighter-colored ones you’ll find in Piper Classic’s farmhouse quilt collection.

Rustic décor

iStock_12659275_SMALL.jpgWhile farmhouse décor is all about brightness, rustic goes in a different direction: rich, dark colors and a lot of nature imagery: birds, stars and berries.

The term rustic means “relating to the country side” or “plain and homespun,” which is why one of our country quilts would be so at home in a rustic space.

When choosing a color, remember this rule of rustic décor: if you can find it in nature, it works. Shades like brown, forest green and the deep red of autumn leaves add depth and make your rooms feel cozy, authentic and welcoming.

Vintage décor

Don’t think of Vintage simply as old or “run down.” This is a décor that finds perfection in the imperfect marks of time, and charm in weathered-yet-elegant pieces. Vintage enthusiasts are people who favor flea markets and thrift stores over Home Depot or Pier One.

Vintage colors may be on the lighter side, like Farmhouse, but they may also include some warm rich tones reminiscent of well worn leather and woods and metals with a nice patina. Consider these colors when quilt shopping.

Modern country décor

Modern country décor combines country’s emphasis on comfort, but with a sleeker approach. As the blog EcoSalon put it, “Think of combining a sleek leather sofa with a rustic roughhewn coffee table and you’ve got the essence of modern country.”

It’s a style that values mixing and matching: white or neutral walls with colorful pillows, art, ceramics or other accents.

Unlike some of the other country décor subcategories, modern country is a bit sparser. Avoid having too many pieces of furniture or other knickknacks.

A colorful quilt can provide a nice contrast against white/neutral colored walls.

Always remember that, in the end, there is no Style Court where you’ll have to appear if you break a décor rule. If you have a quilt that you love, show it off! And if you don’t have a quilt you love, remember that Piper Classics has a wide selection of country quilts from which to choose.