Using Flowers to Decorate Your Home

Flowers add color and beauty to the outside of your home, but it’s important to remember how useful they can be when it comes to decorating the inside as well.

The Society of American Florists recommends these steps for adding some color to every room of your home:

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Greet visitors to your home with a large, abundant floral arrangement, or a basket with a garden bouquet, placed atop your entryway table.

You can also attach small vases of short-stemmed flowers to a wreath on your front door to welcome guests with an extra bit of color.

Living room

USING FLOWERS TO DECORATE YOUR HOMEBrighten your living room with a spring/summer flower arrangement inside your favorite vase, antique bowl or pitcher. You can also try floating two or three blooms – consider gerbera daisies or gardenias – in a crystal bowl. Add a floating candle in the evening for a nice glowing effect.

Family room

When your fireplace is out of commission this summer, decorate your hearth with an array of seasonal flowers, and then continue the theme by placing a few of the same flowers along the mantle next to family photos.

You can also put some bud vases around high traffic areas of your house, even it just involves putting a few flowers in a glass from your kitchen.

Dining room

USING FLOWERS TO DECORATE YOUR HOMEThere are a few different ways to use flowers to decorate when you have guests over for dinner. You can make flowers your centerpiece – just make sure the arrangement isn’t so big it blocks diners’ view. You can also put flowers at each place setting, perhaps attached to a name card. And for an easy-yet-elegant decoration, alternate crystal vases with candles along a fabric table runner.


Color your kitchen windowsill with a collection of terra cotta pots filled with a mix of herbs and sun-loving plants such as primroses, African violets or kalanchoe.

And remember that your kitchen is filled with items that make for perfect casual flower arrangements, such as tea pots and water pitchers.


Go to sleep next to a fragrant bouquet. Flowers such as freesias, peonies, lilacs, lilies and tea roses are a delightful choice for a vase on your bedside table.

Home office

USING FLOWERS TO DECORATE YOUR HOMEIf you work from home, add some greenery to your workspace. Keep a green or flowering plant next to your computer or phone.

If you don’t have a green thumb, or just need some extra flowers to complete your decoration, Piper Classics carries a number of artificial flowers and wreaths.

And if you’re looking for more floral inspiration, be sure to download our Country Guide to Flowers. You’ll learn about the meaning behind the different blooms in your garden. We also offer some tips for making the perfect flower arrangement, so you’ll be able to decorate without having to consult a florist. We hope you enjoy reading it, and can find something to help add some fresh color to your home.

Download The Country Guide To Flowers