The Unsung Holidays of August

August 10th, 2016 country holiday decor

August is just a few days away. Have you sent out cards for Friendship Day? Put up your International Lefthanders Day decorations? Thought up jokes for President’s Joke Day?

We’ll guess the answer is “No.” These aren’t widely known celebrations, but then again, August doesn’t really feature a lot of top-tier holidays.

But it has us thinking: Why not celebrate some of these lesser-known holidays on the calendar? We’re not saying you have to do anything big, but you might find that these suggestions will help make this August more memorable.


August 3: National Watermelon Day

Real Simple calls watermelon summer’s most “party-friendly fruit.” And while we’re certainly fans of this refreshing melon, we won’t go as far as suggesting you give it its own celebration on August 3. However, we do recommend serving it as a snack at this month’s summer festivities.

Try serving it a new way this year:

  • Melon Pops – Cut the watermelon into triangles, and insert popsicle sticks into the rind.
  • Watermelon sticks – Slice the melon into French fry shaped sticks, and serve them with a bowl of fruit yogurt for dipping.
  • Ricotta bites – Blend savory and sweet by cutting the melon into cubes, scooping out a piece with a melon baller, and then filling in that hole with ricotta topped with olive oil, coarse salt and cracked pepper.

Check out the Piper Classics dinnerware selection to find the right dish to serve watermelon or any other summer fruit.

August 8: Peace Festival

First celebrated in 1650, this holiday comes from the city of Augsburg in Germany, the only city in that nation that has its own legal holiday. Schools, businesses, government offices, and post offices all shut down on this day, which commemorates the Peace of Westphalia and the end of the Thirty Year’s War.

You may not need to do what they do in Augsburg and shut down for the day, or mark the end of a war that began 400 years ago.

But maybe take time to relax. Read a book. Watch a movie. Make your favorite comfort food. In other words, be at peace.

August 17: National Thrift Shop Day

While fall – as we’ve argued before – may be for flea markets, this day is set aside for the flea market’s cousin: the thrift shop.

The history of this mini-holiday is a little murky, but it’s meant to get people interested in their local thrift stores. As of 2012 – the most recent year figures were available – there were 19,704 such shops in the country, pulling in close to $13 billion in sales.

And as with flea markets, your next primitive décor treasure might be waiting for you at your local thrift shop. When you find it, be sure to visit Piper Classics, where our country curtains, bedding and other décor can help serve as a backdrop to your new thrift store discovery.

August 30: National Toasted Marshmallow Day

Marshmallows are one of ancient Egypt’s many contributions to civilization, although they used the mallow plant for medicinal purposes as well as a sweet.

Fast-forward a few thousand years and we’re still eating them: in desserts, on s’mores. National S’More Day is also in August, by the way.

If you’re planning an end-of-summer campfire/cookout, make sure you save room for some toasted marshmallows. And be sure to read our guide for hosting a late summer party and to shop our country kitchen section to pick up any dinnerware you need.

No matter how you’re spending these final weeks of summer, we hope it’s in a way that’s safe and enjoyable. August may not feature a lot of high profile holidays, but we think any time you spend with loved ones under a warm summer sun is worth celebrating.

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