Affordable Hostess Gift Ideas for 2016

October 6th, 2016 Hostess Gifts

In today’s always-connected, tech obsessed society, many of the more genteel niceties once associated with inviting guests to your home – or being a proper guest in someone else’s home—are often overlooked.

Indeed, it isn’t unusual today for a house guest or a partygoer to not consider presenting their hostess with a small token of gratitude. Perhaps even more common, however, are those among us who would love nothing more than to arrive at the home of a hostess with a perfectly thoughtful gift, but who simply don’t have the necessary disposable income.


But here’s the good news: A hostess gift—even one perfectly tailored to the tastes of the host—doesn’t need to be expensive. To help you understand what we mean, we’ve compiled this brief list of affordable hostess gift ideas that are practically guaranteed to turn your gift-giving endeavor into an experience your hostess will cherish.

Mason Jars with a Surprise Inside

10833.jpgAccessorizing with Mason jars has been a farmhouse decor trend for quite some time now. We love them because aside from their lovely minimalist design and surprisingly affordable price tag, they can be used in an endless variety of ways. So why not take advantage of a natural food trend—natural honey, to be precise—and join it with a Mason jar for even tastier hostess gift?

Sourcing natural honey is as easy as visiting a farmer’s market in your area. While you’re there, keep your eyes peeled for local producers of maple syrup, or fruit compote. Decorate the lid of your Mason jar with a square of quilting fabric and ribbon for a whimsical, thoughtful country gift. Care to do a little more? Simply pop the filled jar into a Piper Classics basket, and finish by adding other local farm fresh goodies.

Classic Soaps and Candles

Yes, it is true that both candles and bath products are a bit of a gifting cliché. But then again, most clichés exist for a reason. If you don’t happen to be terribly familiar with the likes, dislikes and personality of your gracious hostess, you can still be relatively assured that she occasionally enjoys pampering herself, spa-style, and that she appreciates a relaxing and beautiful fragrance. And while some soaps and candles can be outrageously pricey, tracking down affordable options that are still nice and unique enough to serve as a proper hostess gift is a fairly doable task.

What if you’d like to add a small twist of farmhouse flavor to your gift? Take a look through the Country Home Décor section of the Piper Classics website, where soap and candle accessories (and bath accessories of all sorts) consistently rank as some of our most popular farmhouse decor items.


Seasonal wreaths offer decorating opportunities both indoor and out. Scroll through Piper Classics’ Country Décor section to peruse our diverse collection of wreaths and garlands. You’ll find a number of new offerings and a handful of sale items as well.

If you’d prefer to go the DIY route, simply purchase a plain wreath and decorate it with a selection of our faux florals. Sprinkling in even a few special beads and baubles will add an elegant, modern touch to your wreath. If your budget is truly tight, consider using beads from seasonal and winter holiday garland.

Stay Seasonal

Sticking with the season where your gift is concerned is always a smart way to make a memorable impact on your hostess. Piper Classics’ Fall Florals and Autumn Accents departments are chock full of great hostess gift ideas.

If your hostess is a frequent entertainer, for instance, some of the table accents from our Harvest Kitchen & Dining Collection may do the trick. Baskets, bins, tins and other organizational items always make for great gifts, and can be filled with everything from florals to your hostess’ favorite snacks and beverages.

And if you do decide to stick with the tried-and-true hostess gift of a bottle of wine? Consider placing it in our ever-popular Bucket Caddies. Their many versatile uses is sure to make this a hostess pleaser, and something she’ll likely use and reuse while hosting future soirees.