How To “Fluff” a Floral Wreath

Wreaths are always popular during the spring and summer months. A spring floral wreath adds a welcoming feel to your door and it’s an easy way to update your home décor for the seasons.

Many wreaths are filled with flowers like our Violet Wreath or our Geranium Wreath, while others are made of spring greens like our Boxwood Wreath or Baby’s Grass Wreath.

Regardless of the style you choose you’ll want your wreath to look it’s best. So be sure to take some time to properly fluff your wreath before you display it!

People use wreaths in many ways. We’ve seen them hanging over mantles, over sofas, hung on cabinet doors, etc. Wreaths make beautiful centerpieces too. Simply lay a wreath in the middle of a table or on a pedestal bowl. Then add a large 6” candle or a grouping of several pillar candles for a truly stunning table-scape.

A creative new trend in country farmhouse décor is to prop a shutter or old painted door in a corner of the room and decorate it with a wreath. This is a great way to add dimension and interest to your room and fills a large empty space quickly and relatively inexpensively!

If you’ve ever ordered a pre-made wreath and had it shipped to your home then you probably know that when it arrives it looks a lot different in the box than it did in the picture! What’s going on here? Why does it look so different?

Well, it’s a pretty easy answer. The flowers and leaves on your wreath were squashed together during shipping. It’s a practical measure, but it’s not aesthetically pleasing when you open the box. But not to worry: with a little TLC you’ll discover that the beauty you expected will bloom under your care!

This is a photo of our Sunshine Garden Floral Wreath just out of the box…it doesn’t look too hot and it certainly doesn’t look much like the photo! Now what? In this quick tutorial, we’ll tell you exactly what to do to give this wreath the beautiful life it was destined to live!


“Fluffing” a floral wreath

First, lay your wreath on a table, counter, or other work space. You can hold it in one hand, but you’ll probably find it easier to have both hands free to work your magic.

Begin to work on one section of the wreath by gently separating and shaping the leaves, twigs, flowers, and any other wreath elements. Unless the wreath has a twig or grapevine backing you’ll want to hide the wire wreath base as much as you can so make sure that some flowers or leaves cover the wreath ring. You’ll find that most faux floral wreaths are wired, so it’s easy to bend and shape the leaves and flowers the way you want them.

Don’t be afraid to pull greens or twigs to either side of the wreath ring to add fullness where it’s needed. If your wreath has flowers, gently pull or bend them toward the front of the wreath and position them so they show to their best advantage, while maintaining a natural look.

Wired “twigs” can be gently bent to maintain a natural shape. Some wreath may have real twigs or other parts that are not wired and therefore not as easy to bend to your will. That’s OK, let these more natural elements do what they want and shape the rest of the wreath around them.


Continue to work your way around all sections of the wreath, blending the parts together so that the whole wreath is more-or-less evenly filled. This whole process normally takes less than five minutes, and it’s time well spent. You want your wreath to look it’s best for the season! The photo below shows the wreath when it is half finished. The left side is really looking great now.

floral wreath



When you have shaped and worked all of the wreath sections it’s time to hang it! Take one more critical look at your handiwork.

Now that it’s hanging do you see one area that looks more sparse than another area? Is one side bulging more than the other? If so, rework those areas to make your wreath show best, and continue until you are satisfied with the results.




It’s ok to have an imperfect wreath

Don’t get caught up in making your wreath too perfectly perfect though! A floral wreath is intended to look like nature after all, and few naturally growing things are completely even or symmetrical. Take your cue from mother nature and let wild things be wild.

Now that your floral wreath has been fluffed and beautifully shaped you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come! As the seasons change you might decide to put it away for a while.

This is a good time to give it a little more TLC. Take it outside and shake or brush it off to remove any dust that’s accumulated. When you bring it out next year it might look a bit tired and flat. Simply repeat the steps above to breathe life back into it for another season.

Ready to try your hand at wreath fluffing? Check out our spring and summer wreaths here!