5 Floral Farmhouse Trends for Spring

floral farmhouse trends for springFew things say “Spring is here!” like the arrival of fresh blooming flowers. When we decorate with flowers, we add new levels of life and color to our homes.

But not everyone has a green thumb, or the budget to buy fresh cut flowers on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your home look green and springy this season. Here are a few floral farmhouse trends for spring that you may want to adopt.

  1. Burlap hydrangeasspring burlap hydrangeas

We wrote last year about burlap’s big breakout, moving from its roots as the most utilitarian of fabrics to become something more stylish.

You can find that trend at work again in these decorative burlap hydrangeas, cream colored flowers made of jute, clustered around a brown paper stem. Show them off in a vase or a basket for a simple country effect.

  1. Lemon beauty bushlemon beauty bush

Add a touch of fresh springtime color with this lemon beauty bush. Its airy, realistic-looking green sprigs recall plants growing in the wild, with natural tones and spring green colors.

Standing at 14 inches, this arrangement will look wonderful tucked inside a metal container or a vase. Its delicate leaves are on flexible green coated-wire stems.

  1. Baby grass candle ringbaby grass candle ring

Next on our rundown of floral farmhouse trends is this baby grass candle ring. It’s another way to bring greenery and life to your space.

This soft green candle ring fits a 3″ pillar candle, and the total width is approximately 8″ in diameter. Looks pretty with a single candle, or in a grouping. It comes with natural tones of spring tinged with rust, a lovely addition to your everyday décor.

floral farmhouse trends for spring4. Robin’s egg wreath

It wouldn’t be a springtime list without us referencing that famous first robin. Where there are robins, there are robins’ eggs, like the ones on this primitive robin’s egg wreath.

We’re big fans of the idea of using wreaths to decorate in every season, so why not welcome the arrival of spring with this arrangement of blue-green eggs, resting on a twiggy-base? If your door is spoken for, you can always use it as a centerpiece around a pillar candle.

  1. Succulents in wood potssucculents in wood pots

We’ll end our look at floral farmhouse trends for spring with these succulents in wood pots. Succulents are great plants for your summer garden, or to just grow in your home.

But again, we recognize that not everyone is skilled at gardening, which is why these faux succulents in wood pots are an easy solution. Put them in a sunny spot, and no one will know the difference. It’s stress-free gardening at its best.

And if this list isn’t to your liking, don’t worry. We have a deep, deep catalogue for you to explore for other floral farmhouse trends for spring. Visit us today, and we’re confident you’ll find something to bring a touch of spring to your home.