Farmhouse Decorating Ideas: 10 Tips for Small Spaces

May 19th, 2017 Farmhouse Decor

I’ve been writing about the experience my husband and I have had of setting up a small apartment in the Washington, D.C., area. (You can read all about that here…) We’re country people at heart. We like hunting, hiking, gardening, pickup trucks, and long walks on country roads. We don’t have a large house, but it’s much bigger than our little Arlington apartment. It’s been a challenge to decorate this space in a way that is useful yet stylish, and that reminds us of our home in Pennsylvania.

In my last blog post I wrote about 5 basics to get your farmhouse style started in a small space. Here are 10 more farmhouse decorating ideas you can use to add the finishing touches to your own farmhouse home! Oh, and here’s an extra hint – it really doesn’t matter if you have a small space or a large home – these ideas work great for anyone! 🙂

10 Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

  1. Place a tray on a comfy ottoman

    Display a beautiful farmhouse style tin tray on your livingroom ottoman.

    Placing an ottoman in front of your sofa instead of a coffee table is a good way to add extra comfort to your small farmhouse space. An ottoman can also do double duty and fill in as an extra seat when needed. The drawback is that by choosing an ottoman over a coffee table you sacrifice a space to put drinks, snacks and even a touch of decor. You can easily remedy this by adding a wood or galvanized tray. A few votive candles and a small crock of flowers or berries add a soft farmhouse touch. Just be sure to keep most of the tray free for coffee mugs or wine glasses!

  2. Fill a shelf with vintage ironstone or other collections

    Retro cubbies in warm wood are a great way to display collections in your farmhouse-inspired space.

    Have a collection of bottles, pretty plates, or ironstone pitchers? It’s time to show them off! Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean there’s no room for displaying a collection.  Ok, so maybe a collection of galvanized buckets or large crocks isn’t the best idea in a small space, but a small apartment is a perfect place to showcase a collection of smaller items that might otherwise be lost in a larger home. A cubby shelf like this one is perfect for displaying a collection of small pitchers, mini clocks or vintage glassware. An arrangement of several shelves on a wall works equally well and allows you to show off larger items like plates, vintage prints, or taller items like crocks or farmhouse pitchers.

  3. Put up a farmhouse sign

    Highlight your farmhouse style with a vintage country sign.

    OK, I’ll be real, I have a hard time committing to wall decor… It probably has something to do with the way my husband so painstakingly measures for the exact nail placement. Am I allowed to change my mind once it’s been put up? I’m just not sure – so wall decor is usually the last thing I do and sometimes it take months. But sometimes I know exactly what to use! In this case I knew I wanted to hang this adorable Bucks County Farmer’s Market sign. Not only does it have the farmhouse styling I want, it also reminds me of home since we live in Bucks County, PA. Perfect! No commitment issues this time. Signs are a great way to add wall decor. They’re an interesting way to fill up wall space and also give you a way to express yourself in your own unique way. You’ll find lots of other sign options here.

  4. Find unusual pieces to use as side tables

    Branch out from traditionally side tables with unusual options, like this washtub stand.

    Be creative when it comes to adding extra items like side tables. Instead of going for the traditional 4-legged-standard-table variety try something different. Scour antique shops, thrift shops, or flea markets for unusual one-of-a-kind finds to use instead. For example, I found this interesting 3-legged stand that was once used as a base for a metal washtub. It’s smaller size and rugged looks make it the perfect piece to sit beside our farmhouse wingback chair. Maybe you’ll find an old crate, a stack of wooden boxes, a small stool, or an old metal filing cabinet.

  5. Bring in a harvest of fluffy cotton!

    Dress up a wall with a cotton wreath or a distressed farmhouse sign

    Oh, how we love cotton! No farmhouse decor is really complete without it. The neutral tones of the cotton blend so easily with any rustic farmhouse decor. It just “speaks” farmhouse and is often the finishing touch that’s needed. The neutral tones of the cotton blend so easily with other decor too, making it an easy choice regardless of your color scheme and it’s perfect for any season too. With its abundance of fluffy cotton puffs and seedpods, these cotton picks look like they were made from beautifully dried remnants after the cotton harvest.

  6. Hang open shelving in the bathroom for towel and toiletry storage

    Add extra storage in your farmhouse bathroom by hanging a set of decorative shelves.

    If you’re fortunate enough to have an unused wall in your bathroom be sure to put it to good use! Even a short wall can be useful for adding extra storage – and I don’t know about you, but there always seems to be a need for more storage in our bathroom! This hanging shelf is perfect for holding extra towels, washcloths, makeup bags and extra toiletries. I added some rustic wooden boxes to keep things looking organized and tidy.

  7. Layer quilts and pillows to add vintage farmhouse charm to your bed

    Natural tones, classic patterns, and down-home fabrics like burlap create a rich-but-welcoming farmhouse bedroom.

    I’m absolutely in love with our new Mill Creek Quilted Bedding! It was the perfect addition to my small farmhouse bedroom. I added a textured creamy-beige quilt for extra warmth and a layered look. The burlap throw, accent pillow and matching pillow shams provided the finishing touches. This quilt has just the right mix of gray, taupe, and beige to create the farmhouse style I was looking for in my bedroom. I love its farmhouse styling and my husband loves the mix of plaids and that it doesn’t look too feminine for his home-away-from-home. You can find all of our farmhouse-style quilts here!

  8. Add a hint of greenery

    Greenery makes a farmhouse palette pop, while bringing the great outdoors inside!

    The color green always reminds me of grass, leaves, and growing things. And since growing things are all part of farm life it’s a great color to add to a neutral farmhouse palette. Drape a green garland around a grouping of crocks, add a wispy fern pick to a crock, or hang a simple green wreath from a pegboard. You’ll find more choices of greenery here!

  9. Load up on galvanized metal

    Nothing says "farmhouse" like galvanized metal - which also happens to be in style at the moment!

    It seems like galvanized metal is the most popular finish for everything these days! This finish reminds us of old metal barn roofs, chicken wire, rusty buckets, and metal wash tubs – all items we’d expect to find in a pastoral farmyard scene. So of course, it’s the perfect finish choice for the metal items in your farmhouse style home. You’ll find loads of galvanized metal items including buckets, milk jugs, trays, canisters, caddies, and lighting. You really can’t have too much. So that piece you’ve been admiring? Yup…you should probably get it!

  10. Hang farmhouse style curtains

    Country curtains are a simple and effective way to get an instant farmhouse vibe.

    Curtains may be the last thing on this list, but they certainly shouldn’t be the last item on your list when decorating your small space! Adding farmhouse style to your windows is one of the easiest ways to create the style of your space and can lead the way when deciding on color tones and other fabrics for your room. Maybe you prefer a simple rustic burlap valance, neutral plaid panels, or a light filmy Tobacco Cloth swag. Whatever your preference you can find it here in our collection of farmhouse curtains.

    For more farmhouse decorating ideas, be sure to browse our catalog and website!