Dreaming of a Romantic Rustic Bedroom? We’ve Got You Covered!!

Breathe Fresh Air Into Your Bedroom

Do you think that creating a cozy, romantic bedroom is the stuff of dreams? Maybe you think it’s complicated and you just don’t have time to get it done. We might just be able to help you.

In fact, before you know it, you could be sleeping in the Romantic Bedroom of your dreams. As we break it down for you, you will see it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Your current room can be transformed into a beautiful, cozy retreat where sleep is an old friend and you wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on each new day.

Here at Piper Classics, we are committed to helping you make your home beautiful. We carefully select products and display them in interesting ways with suggestions on how to decorate and create a personalized, well-appointed home. In this same way, we would like to offer suggestions and product choices that will help you create a rustic and romantic sleep space. Turning bedroom blahs into bedroom Ahhhhhhs. In the blink of an eye, your ho-hum bedroom can become a perfect sleep haven!  With springtime just days away, all of nature is getting ready to go through its own revival. What a great time for you to follow suit and refresh and revive your current bedroom!

How To Quickly Change Your Bedroom Style and Create a Rustic & Romantic Retreat!

We are introducing many new and exciting bedding lines this spring! Featured in this blog post is the Ruffled Chambray Collection, with textured casual material and feminine ruffles, exclusive only at Piper Classics. This showstopping bedding is feminine without being frilly, dreamy without being delicate, and stylish without being stuffy. Choosing from this collection of bedding will transform your room into a relaxed, romantic and rustic suite. Cozy and comfortable, soft and relaxed, it still maintains a finished, well-designed look.

As we decorate and style our homes, we often put the bedroom on the back burner. This is unfortunate because it is one of the most important spaces to furnish since it’s where go to recharge and restore ourselves. We need a haven where we can rest and be rejuvenated. Luckily, as far as decorating goes, it is one of the easiest areas to tackle in our homes. Changes can be as simple as you would like them to be.

The bed, with its flat, horizontal surface, dominates the room. Therefore, whichever bedding you decide upon is going to determine the overall color and look of the space. Unlike many other decorating projects, you can dramatically upgrade your bedroom without creating a lot of upheaval in your home or breaking the bank. In fact, you barely need to lift a finger to change the entire feeling and style of your bedroom.


The Ruffled Chambray Grey, Ruffled Chambray Natural, and Farmhouse Cotton Collections are all excellent choices for instantly transforming your current room into a Romantic Rustic bedroom. The fabrics used in these collections are a substantial, textured woven material called chambray. The chambray consists of two different color threads woven together creating a softer, more subtle tone of the individual colors.

  • gray-beige with natural – Ruffled Chambray Grey, Farmhouse Cotton
  • beige with cream – Ruffled Chambray Natural

The depth of color and lovely hand feel make this a comfortable and casual fabric. The understated tone will blend with many current styles and is neutral enough to work well with many wall colors. These chambray fabrics complement your existing Country Farmhouse decor, multiple wood tones, antique/distressed paint, raw and cream wicker, rattan, various metals, rustic lanterns, greenery and a variety of different floral arrangements. You can mix and match pieces from the different chambray collections for a complimentary multi-layered designer look or chose pieces from the same collection for a cohesive, seamless color palette. However you decide to work with the soft and romantic Ruffled Chambray fabrics, they will transform a ho-hum room into an attractive and uncomplicated Rustic Retreat.


Update Bedroom Wall Colors if Needed for a Fresh Look

The natural subtle coloring in the Chambray Collections works well with many paint colors, including various shades of cream and beige. Listed below are paint color ideas from Home Depot and Sherwin Williams that you may consider if choosing to paint your bedroom. Paint color is always a matter of personal taste, and these are just suggestions. You should always test your own samples before making a selection. (I paint sample paint on poster boards and move to different areas of the room/different times of the day)

Home Depot Paint Ideas


  • French Beige
  • Bell Tower
  • Moongaze
  • Sentimental Beige


  • Song Sparrow
  • Grey Birch
  • Silver Cloud

Home Decorators

  • Rococo Beige
  • Basic Khaki

Sherwin Williams Paint Ideas

  • Balanced Beige
  • Loggia
  • Modern Gray
  • Naturel
  • Rushing River
  • Urban Putty

Tips for Creating A Restful Environment

Changing out existing bedding for a gorgeous, new bedding collection like Ruffled Chambray is the quickest, most dramatic alteration you can make to improve the look of your room. But there are, of course, other changes that we discovered as we researched this topic. We uncovered additional suggestions to help you achieve a room that is not only cozy, comfortable, rustic and romantic but also calming and restorative.

  1. Limit the use of electronic devices!! No cell phones, computers or printers. Removing the TV is also suggested. (Blue screens reduce the stimulation of melatonin which tells the brain it’s time to go to sleep). Also, no jarring alarms, wake to soothing music or sounds. Absolutely no news stations!
  2. Keep your room dark. Use room darkening shades, dimmer switches on overhead lights. Soft, ambient lighting. Battery operated candles are a great way to keep lighting low, adding charm and warmth to your room. Turning down the lights 30 minutes or so before bedtime is also suggested.
  3. Keep it smelling clean and lovely. Use diffusers, bath products, spray mists or plug-ins to create a soothing aroma.
  4. Keep it cool. We sleep better when the temperature is kept down. Add cozy, luxurious blankets to snuggle up in, rather than turning the heat up. Some articles even suggest cracking a window, when outside air is cooler for better natural airflow and healthier breathing.
  5. Keep your room quiet: Install a white noise or natural sound machine. Also, a fan does double duty, creating white noise while circulating and cooling air. Or play soothing sounds on a soundtrack that assists in your relaxation.
  6. Clear out clutter and unnecessary items. Keep your room organized with limited decor.
  7. Soothing palette. Keep wall colors and bedding, window treatments, etc. in the same color palette. This adds to the continuity and calming effect of the room.
  8. Adding personal items & collections that make bring you joy and bring back fond memories help ease and comfort you.

More great ideas on creating your very own sleep haven are written about in Health Magazine. Read more about these concepts here!

Now that you’ve read about all these wonderful ways to create a rustic romantic bedroom we hope you’ll feel inspired to make your room a calming restful retreat! Be sure to see all of the Quilts & Bedding choices available at Piper Classics for bedroom inspiration to suit your personal decorating style!