Country Bathroom Decor

Country Bath Accessories

Crafting the Perfect Country Bathroom

The bathroom is undeniably one of the most used rooms in your home. It may be a relatively small room, but its importance makes it every bit worthy of the decorative attention paid to the other rooms in your home. This is especially true if you have chosen to decorate your home in a country style; the comfort, charm, and homey feeling of a country bathroom contributes to the overall experience of your home.

Although you never want to over-accessorize your bathroom, adding a few remarkable details will help you to highlight the country feeling of this small, but essential, space. Bathroom accessories are relatively inexpensive and are an easy way to change the look of your bathroom instantly. With just a few well-chosen country bath accessories, this all-important room will be transformed. These include:

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country shower curtains

Elegant Country Bath Décor Made Easy

Cozy and casual − country décor begins and ends with furnishings and accents that enhance simplicity and comfort for your home.  Vintage fixtures, natural materials, and rustic textiles define country style throughout the home. The bathroom is no exception.

Piper Classics has made bringing the homespun charm of country to your home’s smallest room effortless by coordinating all the pieces that make up a charming and inviting country bath. By harmonizing the accents across a variety of country and old-world collections, anyone can be an expert interior designer!

Starting with country shower curtains is helpful in finding an overall design direction.

By assembling entire country-inspired bath collections, Piper Classics has simplified decorating the bath, often the most challenging room to customize.   Professional and amateur interior decorators alike will find a style that resonates with them, making decorating the bat a snap. Bath collections include: Continue Reading