Country Christmas

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We want to take a minute in the crazy, hectic days before Christmas to wish you all the best that this season has to offer. We love Christmas at Piper Classics and are grateful to you, our customers, for all you do for us through the year.  We wish you all the joys, grace and heartfelt love that the upcoming days will bring.  Continue Reading

We Wish You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year


We truly believe that Christmas is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! And we’d like to wish you and yours the most Amazing Christmas ever! We feel blessed by the wonder of the season and hope that joy and peace fill your heart today and all through the New Year.

For me, every Christmas is deeply connected with the memories of holidays long ago. The recollections are tied to songs and stories that celebrate this beautiful time of year. When I hear carols that I learned as a child, I am transported back to a magical time when anything was possible. It was a time when dreams did come true.  A time when Christmas trees twinkled with lights and silver tinsel icicles.

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What’s the Deal With Mistletoe? The Origins of Christmas Traditions

We love history here at Piper Classics, and have enjoyed using this blog to discuss everything from presidential homes to the American tradition of quilt making.

But somehow, even though we’ve explored the origins of Easter, Halloween and the Fourth of July we’ve never taken a good look at the history of the king of the holiday mountain: Christmas.

Where did Christmas caroling come from? Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? Who was St. Nicholas? Read on to discover the origins of some of our most cherished holiday traditions. Continue Reading

10 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home

December 29th, 2015 Country Christmas

New Year’s Eve is tough. It’s a big event, seeing out the old year and welcoming a new one. But it’s also a holiday that arrives one week after Christmas, when many of us are too busy or too exhausted to plan a big party.

You may not want to go out, especially if it means shivering your way through your town’s version of the Times Square ball drop. But staying home on Dec. 31 doesn’t have to mean watching the countdown on TV and going to bed.

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Country Christmas Decorating Made Easy

December 16th, 2015 Country Christmas

If your holiday to-do list involves giving your Christmas decorating a distinctive country flavor, you’ll need to do a bit more than simply picking out a tree and hanging stockings and blinking lights. But that doesn’t mean that accenting your home with country Christmas décor needs to be difficult, expensive or terribly time-consuming. For instance, a sometimes overlooked yet very effective way to make your home both welcoming and festive for the holidays is to do a quick change-out of your most basic household items.

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Affordable Country Christmas Decor

December 8th, 2015 Country Christmas

If you’ve been living under the assumption that buying or creating classic country Christmas décor has to be expensive, well … we’ve got good news for you: You’re wrong!

Of course, there are a few simple secrets you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to decorate your country home economically. And unless you have a treasure trove of rustic holiday items left over from Christmases past, the truth is that you probably will need to spend a a little, so do it strategically. Continue Reading

Getting Your Country Kitchen Ready for Christmas Entertaining

December 1st, 2015 Country Christmas

Anyone who has ever hosted friends or family during the holiday season knows full well just how much work is often required before the Christmas fun can finally begin. There’s the cleaning and decorating. There’s the cooking, the baking and the shopping.

So it’s understandable that so many of us tend to neglect preparing our kitchens for the holidays. But those who are truly experienced with home entertaining know that a kitchen often becomes a hotspot during the holidays. It’s where we gather to catch up with family and friends we haven’t seen for awhile. It’s the most casual spot in the home for simply hanging out and having fun.

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Country Home Decor: Christmas

Primitive Country Holiday Table Settings

At holidays, special events and formal gatherings, no table is complete without a festive centerpiece. Centerpieces are focal points placed in the middle of guest tables at social gatherings. Although they traditionally consist of flowers, greenery or candles, many people prefer using something more representative of the color, fabric, of other aspects of the overall theme.

Regardless of what they’re made of, centerpieces add a great deal to the overall look and feel of an event. Short on time? It’s still possible to pull together a wow-worthy table arrangement that suits your holiday decor style.

With Piper Classics, you can set a beautiful holiday table with our primitive and whimsical country Christmas holiday tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and more!

When family and friends gather in your home for the holiday season, you will definitely want to decorate your rustic holiday table with primitive pieces from Piper Classics, such as: Continue Reading

Primitive Decorations - Tree Topper

The History of the Christmas Tree Toppers

Placing a decorative tree topper at the crown of a Christmas tree is a beloved holiday tradition. Although angels continue to be the most popular tree-top trimming; stars, Santas, snowflakes, bows, elves, and any number of patriotic-themed, sports-oriented and other pop culture symbols have also gained popularity through the passed few decades.

Whether simple or ornate; made of shiny metal, glass, plastic, fabric, tin, or porcelain; passed down generation after generation or changed every year, Christmas tree toppers are a cherished finishing touch to most Christmas trees.

The History of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree actually predates Christianity by centuries.  Ancient Romans decorated trees with small pieces of metal during Saturnalia, their winter festival in honor of Saturnus, the god of agriculture.  Modern Christmas trees appeared in the middle 1500’s. The trees were sold at local markets and set up in homes without ornaments. The oldest record of a decorated Christmas tree came from a 1605 diary found in Strasburg. This early version of the Christmas tree was decorated with paper roses, apples and candies. Continue Reading

Holiday Decorating with Country Christmas Ornaments

Decorating the home and Christmas tree with ornaments is one of the most cherished traditions of the holiday season. So ingrained in American culture, it’s almost impossible to believe that decorating with Christmas ornaments is a relatively new American custom.

The emergence of the modern Christmas tree actually dates back to 15th and 16th century Germany, where evergreens were used first in church Christmas plays and were hung with apples to symbolize the Paradise tree. Over the next two hundred years, German families brought these trees into their homes, where the trees were adorned with small white wafers and other little pastries cut into stars, angels, hearts, flowers and bells.

Due to the influence of the Puritans’, Christmas wasn’t widely celebrated in the United States until the 1800s. Early American Christmas trees were first adorned with long strands of cranberries or popcorn. Small gifts began to be used to decorate the tree, sometimes contained in intricately woven tiny baskets that were either nestled in the boughs or hung by a thread or piece of yarn.

Ornately decorated trees did not become popular in the United States until Americans saw Continue Reading