Country primitive

The Timeless Appeal of Primitive Décor

You’re reading this on a device that lets you find out almost anything you want to know. 3D printing is changing everything from manufacturing to medicine. And we may live to see a day when self-driving cars are a fact of life on the roadway.

It’s a busy, fast moving world, and sometimes, it’s nice to escape to a space that recalls a slower, less complicated time. That’s where primitive décor – also known as country primitive – comes in.

“Primitive country decorating harks back to a time when life was simpler, when furniture was handcrafted and worn hard,” writes Jan Czech on SFGate’s Home Guide blog. “Accessories were rare and items were repurposed rather than thrown away.”

It’s a décor that has its roots in that earlier America, and also in the country’s folk art traditions. This is art that’s utilitarian and decorative, made by self-taught artists outside the academic art world. Another definition we’ve seen: Art by people who don’t think of themselves as artists.

Typically, Primitive Décor objects have a more rustic, folk art feel than your typical country interior.

Here are a few ways to help give your home a country primitive look:

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How to Accessorize with Country Curtains

Ahh … country curtains! On the off chance that our website and blog hasn’t already made this fact exceedingly clear, we love country curtains. Frankly, we’re obsessed.

Because really, is there any other single accessory more capable of tying together a primitive-style or farmhouse home than the perfect set of rustic curtains? We certainly don’t think so.

As it happens, Piper Classics has an absolutely enormous range of country curtain choices. That’s a good thing! But it also means you’ve got your work cut out for you when the time comes to start shopping.

You’ll need to ask yourself a few questions first: Which curtain style works best with the design and decor you’ve already worked so hard to create in your home? And which of our Country Collections – believe it or not, we have over 100 collections to choose from – fits your family’s unique style best?

Country curtains alone, of course, won’t turn your house into a comfy, cozy home. For that you’ll need to add a few rustic home decor items. And no matter what style of curtains you own or plan to buy, you can rest assured that Piper Classics has the perfect accessory to make them pop, and to smartly tie them into the rest of the room.

Here are a few of our rustic accessory favorites:

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