Mason Jars

This Old Jar – Using Mason Jars in Country Decor

August 12th, 2015 Mason Jars

Both a timeless accessory and a Piper Classics favorite, the traditional glass canning jar is not only affordable and functional — it just so happens to also be the perfect accent to tie together almost any style of country decor.

The race to create this new method of food storage actually began in 1795, with a request by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. But it wasn’t until 1858, when the Philadelphia tinsmith John Landis Mason invented and patented his namesake glass jar, that canning jars as we know and recognize them today entered the commercial landscape.

The history of the companies who manufactured them — Ball, Kerr, and others — could fill a book. These companies all continually sought to improve the jar’s closure and seal methods well into the 1900s. Home canning became increasingly popular throughout the United States and Europe during this time, and has remained so for more than 50 years.

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