Modern Country

Not Your Mother’s Country Decorating

June 17th, 2015 Modern Country

There’s a comfort in old things. Your worn-in sneakers fit better than your fancy dress shoes. Your neighborhood pizza place can be more relaxing than a hip, high-end restaurant. Sometimes you want an old Law & Order rerun instead of the latest water cooler addiction.

That desire for comfort and authenticity is at the heart of country decor.

A few branches down on country decor’s family tree you’ll find farmhouse decor, or farmhouse primitive, a simpler, less cluttered version of country. It is characterized by interiors with fewer nick-knacks, lighter, brighter colors, and more clean open space, combined with the rustic accents of traditional country.

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Use Accentuation For Modern Country Decorating

Whether you live in the country, or simply wish to create a homey environment to feel as though you do, decorating in country style is the perfect way to create a casual but elegant atmosphere. Fashioning the inviting, unpretentious charm of the country, with added twists that make your home uniquely your own, is easy with the right inspiration.

Although country décor by its very nature is eclectic, one may want to escape the overbearing country style of our grandmothers, and instead choose to accentuate a room with homespun touches like animal accents, subtle, homey floral and rustic colors to help bring traditional country style to the modern country home.

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