Primitive Decor

Primitive Decor: A Primer

March 30th, 2016 Primitive Decor

It’s tempting to look a couple hundred years in the past and think “Those were simpler times.”

What we mean by that isn’t so much that life in, say, 1878 was easier – it wasn’t – but that it was a less complicated time: no cars, no mobile phones, no Facebook, no 24-hour news cycle.

That’s why primitive décor is so appealing: it takes us back to a quieter time, one that seems warm and cozy and safe. At the same time, it reflects an era before goods were mass produced. Furniture was worn hard and built to last, and items were often re-purposed instead of being thrown away.

It’s a style marked by a more rustic, darker palette: think of the dark red of cranberries, the black of a crow’s feathers, or a faded mustard yellow. Homes decorated with primitive décor tend to contain images that depict life in the country, with plenty of animal motifs. Continue Reading

The Timeless Appeal of Primitive Décor

You’re reading this on a device that lets you find out almost anything you want to know. 3D printing is changing everything from manufacturing to medicine. And we may live to see a day when self-driving cars are a fact of life on the roadway.

It’s a busy, fast moving world, and sometimes, it’s nice to escape to a space that recalls a slower, less complicated time. That’s where primitive décor – also known as country primitive – comes in.

“Primitive country decorating harks back to a time when life was simpler, when furniture was handcrafted and worn hard,” writes Jan Czech on SFGate’s Home Guide blog. “Accessories were rare and items were repurposed rather than thrown away.”

It’s a décor that has its roots in that earlier America, and also in the country’s folk art traditions. This is art that’s utilitarian and decorative, made by self-taught artists outside the academic art world. Another definition we’ve seen: Art by people who don’t think of themselves as artists.

Typically, Primitive Décor objects have a more rustic, folk art feel than your typical country interior.

Here are a few ways to help give your home a country primitive look:

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