Seasonal Country Decor

Essential Elements For A Family Fun Thanksgiving

by guest author Sarah Miller

Thanksgiving is all about embracing traditions and honoring the things that bring us together, including food, family, and fond memories. It’s also about starting new and enjoyable family traditions that can be shared with generations to come. If you’re looking to start some fun new customs, keep reading about these essential elements for a family fun Thanksgiving.

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Spring: It’s our Thing!!

Spring!! It’s Kind of Our Thing

After being hit with two big winter storms within the first seven days of March , we are really anxious to say goodbye to this winter. Spring cannot arrive quickly enough for many of us and even though you wouldn’t know it to look outside, the beautiful season of rebirth is less than two weeks away. When spring arrives in all its splendor and glory, many of us want to restore a fresh and breezy energy to our homes, as well. The rebirth going on outside inspires us to breathe new life into our decor, following the cues of the newly arrived, long-awaited season. Here are a few ideas to help you create that dynamic, refreshed style for your country farmhouse this Spring.

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How to Celebrate a Rustic Easter

Easter is what’s known as a “movable feast,” in that – unlike holidays such as Christmas – it doesn’t fall on the same date every year.

Christian churches celebrate Easter on the first Sunday following the full moon after March 21, which means the holiday could fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25. (This year, it’s March 27).

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Give Your Home a Spring Country Refresh

Thankfully, the long, cold winter is finally coming to an end. Now that spring is here, it’s time to open the windows and let some natural sunlight wash over your walls. Longer days and brighter light are one of the best parts of the changing seasons, so take advantage and accentuate your windows with some sunny window treatments. New curtains are a quick and easy way to welcome in the warmer weather and they create a friendly environment for family and visitors.

The cheery Polka Dot panels allow for maximum sunlight to stream in your living room or bedroom. The sheer netting and polka dot pattern also create a fresh energy in your home. Plus, the soft scalloped edges delicately frame any window. For an even more country twist, try the lace Country Willow Tier curtains, embellished with saltbox houses, willow trees, and grazing sheep. Continue Reading