Abilene Star Shower Curtain

Item #17381 Legacy Item #14617
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Abilene Star Shower Curtain

Item #17381 Legacy Item #14617
  • 72″ Width x 72″ Length
  • Warm Grey, Tan, Cranberry and Chocolate
  • Buttonholes along top for shower hooks
  • Top and Bottom features a row of stars
  • 100% Cotton

$87.99 $79.19

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The shower curtain measures 72×72″ and features button holes for your shower hooks above a 3″ rod pocket. It is a dark cream with a dark grey slub weave interwoven for a detailed and unique color variation and texture. The top and bottom edge features appliqued stars. This shower curtain has a 100% cotton fabric body with 10 applique stars along the top and 10 along the bottom and comes lined.


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