Ashton Tech Bag

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Ashton Tech Bag

Item #17651 Legacy Item #16957
  • 8″ W x 11″ H x 2.5″ D  with 25″ adj. strap
  • Denim & Navy
  • Leather accents, antique metal hardware
  • Snap closure
  • Made from up-cycled truck tarps & military tents, & canvas

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Carry your tech gear in style with the Ashton Tech Bag, especially when all you need is your tablet. Features denim canvas with a darker denim canvas flap and snap to secure the bag, genuine leather and antique metal hardware accents with a 25″ adjustable shoulder strap. Bag measures 10″W x 8.5″H x 2″D.

Waste not, is the concept behind these awesome bags from Mona B. Why make new materials when there are interesting and perfectly usable fabrics that can be recycled or upcycled. Mona B’s goal is to reduce and reuse some of the world’s waste – or what some people may consider waste. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This collection is all about fashion that’s Earth-friendly! We love that these bags also look so stylish! The fabrics used in these bags include canvas from truck tarps and wool scraps. Mona B takes these fabrics and uses them to create unique recycled treasures. Added details like the leather handles and printed graphics provide an edgy, one-of-a-kind style.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of these bags is truly an original! The canvas used is 100% recycled from used tarps and tents. These tarps have literally traveled the world and carry the scars and bruises of use. Therefore each bag will sport its own unique marks of wear and tear. Expect to see possible variations including stitch marks and minor staining of the canvas. These are the hallmarks of an up-cycled item, however – please let us know if you receive a bag or tote that seems to exceed these expectations. We want you to love your Mona B Tote!



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