Enamelware Tool Caddy

Item #198700

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Enamelware Tool Caddy

Item #198700
  • 10″ L x 10″ W x 5″ H
  • Gloss White Metal with Black trim
  • 4 square compartments
  • Stationary handle for easy transport

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We think you’re going to love the vintage-inspired Enamelware Tool Caddy just as much as we do! Perfect for your vintage farmhouse style because “Everything old is new again”, and this caddy has a nonstop retro vibe about it. This little organizer, can separate and hold many items that seem to vanish from sight right when we need them. The gloss white enamelware finish with black contrasting trim lends a fresh, stylish look to your home whatever your current style may be. Four compartments and stationary handle make transporting things from place to place a snap.


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