Grungy Buckets w/ Wood Handles

Item #29417 Legacy Item #19284
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Grungy Buckets w/ Wood Handles

Item #29417 Legacy Item #19284
  • Set of 3 buckets
  • Large – 10″ Diameter x 8″H
  • Medium – 9″ Diameter x 7″H
  • Small 7″ Diameter x 6″H
  • Metal with distressed and mottled galvanized finish, tinged with a blue-green color


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Oh, my! How we love these fabulously grungy pails! We fell in love with the blue-green, galvanized finish and the little wooden handles on the sides. They make wonderful display pieces for any time of year. In the spring and summer fill them with faux hydrangeas or geranium blooms, or use them to cover a more basic pot filled with live plants. In the fall they’ll create a striking contrast when filled with potted rusty mums, and during the holidays you can fill them with greens, trees or pinecones. 

You can probably think of a few practical things to do with them too…how about filling one with dry laundry detergent for a pretty but functional laundry room piece? Place another by the hearth to hold kindling. The largest size could function as a magazine holder or even a small trash can! Put one on a high shelf to hide your stash of candy – you know, the kind that’s too good for the kids… Keep thinking. You’ll come up with enough reasons to buy a set of your very own!


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