Market Defined Galvanized Sign

Item #206380

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Market Defined Galvanized Sign

Item #206380
  • 14″ x 14″
  • Antique, distressed galvanized metal
  • “MARKET” phonetic pronunciation with definition
  • Letters created by punching through metal
  • Two keyhole hangers soldered to sign

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The Market Defined Galvanized Sign is an interesting addition to your country farmhouse style. Simply styled lettering with the phonetic pronunciation and definition of the word “Market” are featured on this accent piece. The words are created by “punching” through the metal for a unique, rustic look. The distressed, galvanized sign can be hung easily with keyhole hangers which are soldered to the back of the sign. Three different signs in this style of punched, galvanized metal are available and can be displayed as a trio, or pair or even individually, depending on your personal style. (other similar galvanized signs are FARM and HOME).


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