Rolling Kitchen Notepad

Item #220837

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Rolling Kitchen Notepad

Item #220837
  • 26″ T x 10.5″ W
  • Brown paper 8″ W
  • Protrudes from wall 4″
  • Wooden Paddle with metal bracket for paper roll
  • Holes for hanging
  • Hanging hardware included


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The unique Rolling Kitchen Notepad will add charm and interest to your primitive country decor. Practical and “noteworthy”, this unusual paper dispenser is sure to come in handy when jotting down a grocery list, phone number, or a simple message for school lunches. Slip the paper roll onto the metal arm and feed it under the brackets. Then, when notepaper is needed, simply tear off the desired amount. Roll of paper is mounted on a wooden paddle with metal brackets. Hanging hardware is included.


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