Rooted Harvest Fern

Item #335944
YL1046_0101W Rooted Harvest Fern_YL1046

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Rooted Harvest Fern

Item #335944
  • 11″ H x 8″ W
  • Base: 3.5″ T x 3.5″ Diameter
  • Green leaves dusted with Yellow/Green flocking
  • Bendable plastic leaves
  • Brownish-Black resin base


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The yellow gold of the Rooted Harvest Fern adds a charm and vitality to your home whatever your decorating style. Realistic in its autumn colors, this small fern is sure to create a spa-like feel and peacefulness wherever you display it. The faux fern is “planted” in a dark brown base with exposed roots below the leaves of the fern leaves as well as at the base. Feathery leaves with a light yellow/green flocking create a natural-looking plant without the worry and upkeep of real ferns. Can be displayed inside or out (we suggest protected if outside)


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