Small Clip-On Candlestick Burnt Ivory

Item #20439 Legacy Item #19444

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Small Clip-On Candlestick Burnt Ivory

Item #20439 Legacy Item #19444
  • 4″ tall including the clip – Burnt Ivory. Candle is 3″ Tall
  • Hand dipped in the USA
  • Battery operated small clip on candlestick
  • Rustic vintage grubby wax with an aged gauze tie
  • Battery operated; Requires 1 AA battery
  • Clip-on style, green plastic

$5.50 $4.95


Historically the only way to enjoy a candle-lit tree, which brought a sense of merriment to the room and a sparkle to the ornaments, was to attach hand-dipped candles to the evergreen branches. Now you can have all of the beauty and romance of “real” candles on a Christmas tree or wreath without the risk of fire or the need to worry about melting wax. Another great way to enjoy is to add several of these clip-on candles to a garland gracing your mantel for added ambiance in your farmhouse home.

A Remote Control is available separately for easy on-off controlling. Conveniently, only one controller is needed for the clip-on candles, whether you are using just one candle or many. Can’t you just picture the tree with glimmers of candlelight throughout…so pretty! We truly love the old-fashioned appeal of “real” candles on our Christmas tree.


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