Two Tier Red Counter Tray

Item #20318 Legacy Item #19304
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Two Tier Red Counter Tray

Item #20318 Legacy Item #19304
  • 17.5″H x 12.5″W x 9.5″D
  • Metal frame with a painted iron-like finish
  • Trays have a galvanized tin finish on the inside and are heavily distressed barn red paint finish on the outside
  • Wooden handle
  • Not intended for use with food placed directly on the trays

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What a great industrial farmhouse piece for the kitchen or bath! We love the rustic barn red finish that makes this piece look like it’s been weathering away in a corner of grandpop’s workshop for years. Now, it can find “repurposed” use in your home for all sorts of items! It would be terrific in a craft room filled with mason jars of your bits and bobs, in a kitchen filled with spice jars and bottles, or in a bath with rolled up hand towels and toiletries. We also think it would make a great plant holder! Place it in a sunny window and put several potted herb plants on each shelf to create a mini herb garden.

Consider using it at a party to serve drinks in mason jar cups, cupcakes or plastic cups filled with veggies and dip. We do want you to be aware that the finish makes this item not usable for food placed directly on the trays, but you can always line the tray with a couple cute napkins!


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