Vintage Enamelware Breadbox

Item #199121

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Vintage Enamelware Breadbox

Item #199121
  • 19″W x 9″D x 7 1/2″H
  • White enamelware with black trim
  • “FRESH BREAD” in block lettering
  • Hinged lid opens at top


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Nothing says vintage farmhouse decor like enamelware. And we just LOVE the Vintage Enamelware Breadbox with black and white color combination. “FRESH BREAD” in block lettering is printed on the hinged lid, which opens at the top. The breadbox takes us back to the 1950’s kitchen when enamelware was all the rage. The box, measuring 19″ x 9″ x 7 1/2″, was designed to hold a loaf of sliced white bread, so popular at the time. Even though our diets may have changed since the ’50s, the Breadbox is the perfect place to store bagels, croissants or freshly baked bread.