Wooden Tomato Tray

Item #220123
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Wooden Tomato Tray

Item #220123
  • 22″ L x 13″ W x 3″ sides of tray (measurements approximate)
  • 6″ Sides at highest point
  • Brown, treated, distressed wood
  • Sturdy & durable for practical use
  • Attractive enough for decorative use
  • Metal sides, cut out for handles
  • Wooden “rolling pin” handles


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The Wooden Tomato Tray is a practical, sturdy tray with sides that can be used to hold vegetables and cuttings from the garden. The tray sides prevent tomatoes, apples, peaches or citrus from rolling off of the tray, neatly keeping your produce and/or flowers organized. Use it as the perfect display tray for greens, flowers, and candles on a front porch or back patio.The perfect addition to your country farmhouse or vintage decor. This tray instantly brings that old world farm charm and practicality into the modern day.


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